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By on May 07, 2019

Our customers look to McAfee to ensure that their enterprises are protected from the changing threat landscape. That’s why we’ve worked with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions for Linux, to ensure that we were part of the entire process leading up to today’s announcement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8). We’ve been working extensively with Red Hat throughout the pre-release process to ensure that you get the threat protection you desire on the day the new operating system is released.

If you’re already one of our McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux customers, this means you can take advantage of vast hardware and virtualization support as well as cloud integration support on whether you’re using on-prem ePO or McAfee MVISION.

McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux 10.6.2 now provides zero-day support for RHEL8. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a significant proportion of the install base among our customers. It’s important that we provide timely and crucial support for the latest release of RHEL8 so our customers can take advantage of the improvements and efficiencies available on the platform.

McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux 10.6 provides three important features that benefit our customers:

  • Support for Docker containers
  • CPU throttling
  • Centralized management capabilities of native firewall

Container adoption has been rising steadily among our customer base. By supporting McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux on docker containers, our customers can be confident that their container deployments are protected with the same solution that they currently deploy on their servers.

CPU throttling limits the consumption of CPU resources, allowing our customers to efficiently manage when an on-demand scan deploys, thus enhancing the usability of the solution in a low-resource environment.

Centralizing and simplifying management capabilities of native functionality, such as the firewall, through a familiar interface allows administrators to quickly react and enforce firewall policies, reducing the time to deploy and gain operational efficiency.

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