Visibility into AWS and Azure workloads with Cloud Workload Discovery

By on Aug 01, 2016

By 2019, 56 percent of cloud workloads will be in public cloud data centers, up from 30 percent in 2014 (CAGR of 44 percent from 2014 to 2019)[i]. More and more enterprises want granular visibility across multiple cloud infrastructure in order to better manage their security posture. The July 28th release of Cloud Workload Discovery feature [ii] will help solve this problem.

Cloud Workload Discovery is designed to address lack of visibility and control over public cloud workload security. It can be purchased as part the following three suites:  McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials, McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced and McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite[iii]


Figure 1: Cloud Workload Discovery providing end-to-end view for multiple clouds

Using Cloud Workload Discovery, enterprises can:

  • Discover in minutes all virtual networks or virtual private clouds (VPCs), templates, and workloads across AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure.
  • Get security and workload visibility across multiple clouds in one place.
  • View traffic across workloads and manage how information is flowing between them and is accessed from outside the organization.
  • Identify issues that require urgent attention using color-coded threats to take appropriate actions.
  • Take corrective measures to curb security issues and adopt policies or define threat reputations to defend infrastructures from future security incidents.
  • Manage cloud firewall/security groups with customized policies for individual workloads or groups of workloads.
  • Identify suspicious traffic occurring in VPCs and take remediation steps to block critical information from falling into the wrong hands

Cloud Workload Discovery integrates with McAfee’s ePO management console, thus empowering organizations to have effective controls across their IT environments and across their critical security solutions using a single management platform. Refer to this solution brief to learn how Cloud Workload Discovery helps organizations in achieving sustainable advantage in security.

Sustainable advFigure 2: Deriving sustainable advantage with Cloud Workload Discovery

 This blog post was written by Paresh Joshi.

[i] Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2014–2019

[ii] Cloud Workload Discovery replaces Data Center Connectors for AWS and Azure

[iii] McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite is available in usage-based hourly licensing model and McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials, McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced are available in perpetual licensing model

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