How We Evolved A Software Company’s Security System to Combat Threats

By on Dec 22, 2016

To Nirdosh Kumar, the lead security administrator at a global software company, cybersecurity is evolving.  “You cannot think of all the preventions,” Kumar explained, “hackers are knowledgeable.” And since his company needed to keep pace with these intelligent cybercriminals to stay secure, their focus had to change. They decided to move beyond only relying on prevention, and instead began to turn their attention towards detection.

To achieve these detection goals, the cloud based software company put their trust in an end-to-end solution from McAfee, knowing it could provide the most comprehensive protection for their entire company.

To start achieving this better level of security, the software company began with McAfee ePO Cloud console as the main core of their system, as well as McAfee AntiVirus, McAfee Disk Encryption, and McAFee MOVE AntiVirus— the newest software for cloud infrastructures.  MOVE AntiVirus provided them with advanced malware protection for their virtual environment all while conducting regular security scans as well.

In addition to increased detection, Kumar also noted the important impact of an interconnected security system.  He stated, “security products need to talk to each other.” Therefore, in order to achieve this connected approach, the software company utilized McAfee DXL and McAfee TIE. Working in conjunction, both of these solutions combined multiple threat information sources and shared that information with all connected security platforms. Pleased with such openness, Kumar noted, “with TIE and DXL, I love how all things are connected now, even third party products are connected.”

This interconnected system allowed the software company to thrive– they finally felt like they were evolving and were able to combat ever-changing security threats. As Kumar said himself, “we are going into the right direction.”


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