McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Enables Security and Savings

By on Oct 28, 2016

Warehouse retailers thrive by taking advantage of efficiencies that happen at scale and passing those savings on to consumers. But those money-saving efficiencies aren’t just found in the merchandise on the shelves, they’re also found on the backend in the form of more efficient IT infrastructure.

One such retailer with hundreds of locations worldwide uses McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments AntiVirus (McAfee MOVE AntiVirus) to realize savings and keep its endpoints secure. Leveraging virtualization to improve the efficiency of its IT infrastructure has been an ongoing project. “Our server environment is now 98% virtualized, and any new servers are now deployed as virtual machines,” says the company’s endpoint security specialist.

To realize even greater efficiency, the specialist sought an antivirus solution that wouldn’t slow down his team by requiring installation of a scan engine on each virtual machine. McAfee MOVE AntiVirus was specifically designed for VMware-based virtual environments and is tuned specifically for VMware vShield, making its agentless mode the ideal solution for everyone involved.

“We had tremendous buy-in right away for McAfee MOVE AntiVirus. Already, we had VMware tools and other agents running on every server, so our management was sold when they heard we would be able to remove the antivirus scan engine,” the endpoint security specialist notes. “The agentless design of McAfee MOVE AntiVirus helps relieve the overhead of traditional endpoint security, while offering essential protection and performance for our global operation.”

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus optimizes the reliable protection of McAfee VirusScan® Enterprise to virtual machines (VMs) by allowing the scanning to be offloaded to a security virtual appliance (SVA) that is shared by all the VMs on the hypervisor. The SVA is delivered as an open virtualization format (OVF) package. In the agentless deployment, the SVA uses the VMware vShield Endpoint API to receive scan requests from VMs running the VMware vSphere hypervisor.

“In a virtual environment, instead of updating 100 physical servers with .DAT files, you’re actually updating the hypervisor times 100,” the specialist explains.



Additionally, McAfee ePO software enables near-real-time visibility into the entire virtual infrastructure — consisting of 25,000 virtual clients, 5,000 virtual servers, and 50 VMware Host in three vCenters. McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop offers further protection for 25,000 endpoints against threats that users might unintentionally introduce. Finally, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise in tandem with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence protects 30,000 laptops, workstations, and servers. All this means IT admins are spending less time troubleshooting security issues — and the savings can be passed on to the retailer’s customers.

“With the deployment of McAfee MOVE AntiVirus, we were able to… secure the environment without slowing down the business,” the specialist comments. “We have the access and visibility we need to ensure that each and every virtual machine is protected.”

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