McAfee Security Innovation Alliance 2017 DevCon Awards

By on Oct 17, 2017

Innovation and enthusiasm fuel the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance program, and we are excited to see that our partners are actively pursuing opportunities to integrate their products with our technologies to extend our open, connected ecosystem. Every year at the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Developers Conference (SIA DEVCON)—which, this year is taking takes place in conjunction with the MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit —we take the opportunity to recognize several of our partners who have made outstanding contributions. We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 McAfee Security Innovation Alliance DEVCON Awards in the following three categories: Rookie of the Year, Most Innovative Partner of the Year, and Most Valuable Partner of the Year.

Rookie of the Year 2017: Lumeta

Rookie of the Year 2017 criteria include business impact, solution innovation, and program membership under 18 months.

Lumeta joined the SIA program in October 2016, and very quickly completed an ePO integration with their Spectre Situational Awareness platform. This provides customers with unparalleled network visibility by recursively indexing all physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile connected devices. This index ensures that McAfee ePO software is aware of all endpoints that require deployment of the McAfee ePO agent—ensuring 100% coverage across all hosts.

Lumeta started sales teaming with McAfee in March 2017, and within a short time secured a large joint win with our sales team, which provides a sound platform for future sales teaming success.

Most Innovative Partner of the Year 2017: Infoblox

Criteria for Most Innovative Partner of the Year are based on the design and use of the McAfee ePO software development kit (SDK), McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, McAfee Data Exchange Layer, and other key McAfee technologies.

DNS traffic is not inspected or filtered by firewalls and thus is a gap that is most commonly exploited by malicious actors.  Today, 91% of malware uses DNS to carry out campaigns once it has breached the perimeter.  The Infoblox ActiveTrust® platform prevents DNS-based data exfiltration, automatically stops DNS communications with command-and-control servers (C&Cs) and botnets, and pinpoints infected and compromised devices on or off the premises.  By inspecting DNS anomaly and redirecting web traffics to McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, the integration simplifies per-browser configuration for vast number of endpoints, allowing McAfee Web Gateway to perform malware scanning, content filtering to cloud applications and preventing data leakage that violates company policies.  The joint solution enhances the effectiveness and scalability for protecting web-based application and traffic in an era of cloud computing.

Infoblox also publishes security and networking event topics along with context over DXL.  Subscribers of the DXL topic can identify DNS threats within their solutions and trigger response to these events via policy-based automation.  This can include McAfee ePO, McAfee Active Response and other DXL-integrated partner applications.  Automation across network, endpoint and applications can vastly improving counter-attack response time, saving precious resources. Finally, Infoblox is integrated with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), providing DNS visibility and context to SIEM platform.

Most Valuable Partner of the Year 2017: Avecto

Most Valuable Partner of the Year criteria cover the breadth and depth of the partner’s multiple integrations and close business engagement with McAfee.

Avecto has been a longstanding McAfee SIA partner, it was named “Most Innovative SIA Partner” in 2013 and is today the leading sales teaming partner with McAfee SIA. Avecto is a leader in Privilege Management and it’s Defendpoint solution eliminates the need for local administration rights, thereby reducing the attack surface and proactively stopping cyberattacks.

Avecto has multiple integrations with McAfee including ePO and DXL – these technology integrations, coupled with close sales teaming between McAfee and Avecto sales teams, have resulted in multiple joint customer wins. These joint wins have validated McAfee’s strategy of delivering customer value through meaningful and complementary technology partnerships.

Runner up Finalists for the DEVCON AWARD 2017

Runner Up for Rookie of the Year 2017: ServiceNow

ServiceNow Security Operations is integrated with McAfee ESM. With its expertise in incident management and vast data set in CMDBs, ServiceNow provides additional context to ESM detections and alerts, supporting incident enrichment, prioritization and recommending actionable playbooks.  By working together, ServiceNow Security Operations, McAfee ESM and McAfee suite of security products can automate, accelerate and track incident response, enabling customers to do more with less.

Runner Up for Most Innovative Partner of the Year 2017: BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust PowerBroker for Windows is integrated with McAfee ePO offering customers a single platform that is flexible and secure for endpoint security and least privilege rules, allowing less complexity for managing SOCs. Creating Flexibility to create and manage least privileged rules at the application token level, not the user level, and secure least privilege decisions based on asset vulnerability status, processing asset and user analytics information.  BeyondTrust PowerBroker for Windows and McAfee DXL integration  (In-Design- Stage) will allow quick connectivity to DXL framework, providing nearly immediate value to joint integration, real-time exchange of actionable threat and vulnerability data, and real time reputation checking.

BeyondInsight is integrated with McAfee ESM to provide a complete knowledge, visibility, and actions into assets and users within an organization

Runner Up for Most Valuable Partner of the Year 2017:

Rapid7 has integrated its Nexpose vulnerability scanning products with McAfee ePO and McAfee Data Exchange Layer, providing additional visibility, so that administrators can assign risk scores to assets on the network and prioritize remediation. Mutual customers will now have always-on vulnerability management, visibility into their endpoints and the entire IT environment, and the ability to prioritize remediation to maximize impact. The integrations will help organizations break down communication barriers between IT and security teams, so they can collaborate more closely to reduce the risk of a breach.

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