Register, Track, Certify: Don’t Lose Your ACE Status in 2015

By on Sep 16, 2014

This blog post was written by Allison Clarke.

As an Accredited Channel Engineer (ACE) you are probably aware of all of the great rewards you get from your ACE status; which is why it is important to remember to keep up to date through re-certification. If you obtained your ACE status prior to January 1, 2014 your ACE certification will expire by the end of 2014 if you don’t take action.

Recertifying is simple. Using our Activity Registration tool makes it easy to ensure you are meeting compliance to maintain your ACE status into 2015. Just log your Proof of Concept or demonstration into the system and you’ll be on your way to re-certification.

As an ACE you have the opportunity to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • $50 in McAfee Rewards per Demo
  • $100 in McAfee Rewards per PoC
  • Invite to ACE only special events and opportunities
  • Direct Access to McAfee CTEEs
  • Click here to see the terms and conditions

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