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By on Jul 07, 2016

Web security is serious business for this global manufacturer, a maker of a wide and diverse range of industrial and consumer products. To overcome their current IT hurdles, this manufacturer chose a solution that saved them over one million in IT costs, purely from reducing time spent tackling issues. In true David vs. Goliath fashion, the company’s small IT team was challenged daily to protect the company’s substantial physical and intellectual property assets from ever-increasing cyber threats. And that’s across a global enterprise of more than 50 manufacturing plants and 600 other sites. Cleaning malware from laptops and other devices was eating hours out of every IT field engineer’s day, and the majority of these threats were coming from the Internet.  It was time for a comprehensive web security solution.


Topping the company’s web security short list was McAfee SaaS Web Protection from McAfee, uniquely enabling any combination of cloud, on-premises, or hybrid protection. The company wasted no time deploying the McAfee solution to provide web filtering and malware detection for everyone from onsite and remote employees to those on their own smartphones and devices as well as contractors. A big plus for McAfee SaaS Web Protection was its speed of deployment, which gave the company immediate and widespread protection while offering an easy path to longer-term capabilities such as gateway hardware and seamless authentication.

Large Diversified Manufacturer

After just a month with McAfee SaaS Web Protection, the company had covered almost three-quarters of its 50,000 nodes with advanced web filtering and protection from both known and zero-day malware threats. Because web requests are routed through the cloud, the internal network is no longer bogged down with unnecessary configurations and traffic. Since choosing a more comprehensive web security solution, the company has experienced a 20-percent decrease in IT help-desk tickets, saving at least $1 million a year in manpower costs. The built-in McAfee Content Security Reporter and McAfee ePO central management console give the IT team highly granular reporting capabilities and streamlined control of the environment.

The company hasn’t stopped there – it has now deployed McAfee Web Gateway appliances for on-premises Web protection with additional authentication for greater visibility into users’ Internet activity.

McAfee Content Security Reporter generates web traffic reports that help the team manage network bandwidth across the enterprise, showing what sites are being visited, when, and by whom.

There’s plenty more to this David vs. Goliath story. To read the full case study, go here. And learn more by following us on Twitter at @McAfee_Business.

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