Upcoming McAfee Analyst Webcast, Tech Talks on SIEM

By on Jun 20, 2016

Each month, we’ll highlight upcoming webcasts and Tech Talks on industry trends and topics in a blog post. See below for can’t-miss online events coming up with McAfee:

Integrating and Operationalizing Threat Intelligence
Threat intelligence can provide valuable information and insight, however, the growing volume of data can quickly become noise if you can’t leverage the data and make it actionable. In this session, Scott Taschler, McAfee Technical Director, will explore sources of threat intelligence, the context around the mechanics of an attack, and how to use McAfee solutions to implement appropriate countermeasures.

How to deliver effective Security Monitoring with your SIEM
Security monitoring needs to be a core, fundamental aspect of every security program. SIEM, in various flavors, using different technologies and deployment architectures—is how you do security monitoring. Find out how to get the most out of existing investments, and ensure you can handle modern advanced threats.

Return of the Pinkslip Botnet : Prepare and Detect If You Already Have Been Impacted

Between December 2015 and March 2016, McAfee Labs detected more than 4,200 unique Pinkslipbot binaries designed to extract critical data. Learn how old tools are being used in new formats to bypass protection and how you can protect, detect and correct endpoints against this emerging malware.


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