Is It Hackable? Our New Podcast Intends to Find Out

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more prevalent. It seems like every day there’s another story about a cybercriminal attacking something new – an IoT teddy bear, support call logs, the list goes on. So, in light of these cybercrimes, McAfee has created a new podcast called Hackable? to explore what exactly makes these attacks successful. This 25-minute-long podcast takes hacks heard about in the news or seen on TV, and puts them to the test. Taking over the Wi-Fi at a bustling cafe, tapping into the computer of a moving vehicle, infiltrating someone’s webcam – these are just a few of the cyberattacks carried out by the crew of Hackable?.

In the first episode of Hackable?, Geoff Siskind, with the help of cybersecurity experts, tries to uncover the truth about how risky it is to use free Wi-Fi. In this episode, Geoff and team provide some key insights and details on the history of public Wi-Fi attacks. Then, with permission of the store owner, they head to a local coffee shop to conduct a real-world experiment and replicate a Wi-Fi hack that was featured in the show Mr. Robot.

In this Dallas café, the team sets up an Evil Twin access point and makes a malicious network appear to be from a national cellular carrier in the effort of hopefully attracting its customers. If these users connect to the malicious network, cybercriminals will gain access to their device.

And, as it turns out, about 22 people fell for the ploy, which permitted the McAfee team to see quite literally anything they wanted to on those devices. At this point, cybercriminals could inject malicious code into a webpage if they want to. So, if a victim opens their browser, they could actually be downloading malware.

To stay protected from this kind of attack, Geoff and the team recommends using a VPN (virtual private network), as well as staying cautious when joining unofficial public Wi-Fi networks.

So, if you’re eager to learn more about what makes cybercriminals tick or just need a little entertainment for your morning commute, make sure you listen to “Hackable?”, which is now available for download on any of the sites below:

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