McAfee vs. Symantec: Who came out on Top?

This blog post was written by Gavin Struthers.

Everyone loves a good game and the thrill of competing to win.

Competition helps inspire two teams to push further and the fans to cheer harder.

In business, as in the case of McAfee and Symantec, our rivalry means we create better products, push to stay on top, and help our partners do the same.

Head-to-Head in CRN

As you may have seen, CRN’s Head-to-Head slideshow featured McAfee and Symantec competing in the security arena around spyware protection, intrusion prevention, and overall channel profitability.

As with any good rivalry, the game is always exciting. While CRN’s consensus is that Symantec does have a strong portfolio, McAfee came out on top for Security Management Console (ePolicy Orchestrator), cutting-edge hardware-based security, and overall partner profitability.

“Show me the money” –  Keeping Partners Profitable

While industry accolades validate the work we do at McAfee–and we’re always flattered to receive them—one of the biggest success metrics for me is to see partners’ profitability increase. So we were especially thrilled to hear that partners told CRN that our channel program is more profitable and that our efforts to increase support for your businesses haven’t gone unnoticed.

And customers appreciate the results, too. For customers, we’re setting a new industry standard for time to respond. We know it can be difficult to share intelligence across different solutions and that’s an issue for customers who are dealing with threats and want to respond quickly.

Transforming Security, Together

As I wrote back in February in my post Transforming the Security Industry…Together, you can’t adequately protect customers from the volume and sophistication of today’s cyber attacks without an integrated security platform that proactively and intelligently protects. That’s why using an end-to-end McAfee solution is so key to network security for customers.

We’ve got the tools to respond to threats in real time with Real Time ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) that queries information from all of your customer’s endpoints in seconds, leading to more intelligent analysis and quick decision making on the part of IT.

With new devices and new threats hitting networks every day, it’s our goal to work together to ensure customers’ networks stay secure through innovative products and help you stay profitable through innovative channel programs.

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