Dynamic Endpoint – some things are simply better together!

This blog was written by Candace Worley, McAfee’s former Vice President and Chief Technical Strategist.

I like chocolate but I don’t seek it out. Peanut butter – I can take it or leave it. But put them together and now you’ve got my attention. Some things are better together. That doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly good by themselves. It just means that combined, they provide a superior experience. Although comparing peanut butter cups and Dynamic Endpoint Defense might seem like a stretch, they are both the result of putting two perfectly good ingredients together to create something that delivers greater satisfaction and a more superior experience than the individual elements alone. Endpoint Security technologies today are generally single purpose and fail to deliver a superior level of satisfaction for most, if not all, of their users. They are not converged or integrated or even aware of each other. They protect, detect, or correct in isolation. Yet the need from security practitioners is nearly the opposite – they need security that is delivered in a coordinated, integrated, and system-aware solution. In other words, they want the Reese’s* Peanut Butter cup of security – simple, superior, and satisfying.

There is little satisfaction in today’s approach to endpoint security. The product-for-every-problem approach is only good until there is a new problem tomorrow.  To secure complex environments, you need security that is as dynamic as the environment it’s protecting and the threats it’s protecting against. Dynamic endpoint defense requires a fundamental shift from deploying isolated countermeasures designed with the sole directive of payload recognition, to a collaborative set of converged capabilities that can identify, contain, and eradicate threats across all points of attack progression as part of an integrated security platform. Only through a system and platform based approach will the industry eliminate security silos and deliver real-time, holistic security that addresses the entire threat defense lifecycle from protect to detect and correct.

McAfee Dynamic Endpoint will bring together our best security management and on-device protections integrated with cloud based analytics to deliver dynamic and highly adaptable protection against known and zero day attacks. It will do this by utilizing a multitude of approaches to identify transient attack techniques and lateral movements that do not manifest themselves in obvious ways.


By leveraging multiple security capabilities as part of an integrated system, McAfee® Dynamic Endpoint will provide proactive protection, advanced detection, and automatable correction addressing the entire threat defense lifecycle. Delivering our solution in this way will reduces computing overhead on the system while providing extensibility that makes it easy to evolve your endpoint security footprint. Early testing of McAfee Dynamic Endpoint shows promising results. It prevented 60% more threats than signature-based solutions, reduced team training times by 80% and took 66% less operational personal than Best of Breed approaches. The integrated approach to securing the endpoint enables security teams to do more, faster with fewer resources.

McAfee® Dynamic Endpoint will be comprehensive in its approach to securing endpoints. As a result of being fully integrated into McAfee’s platform, its capabilities will help to ensure the health, integrity, and improved TCO of the entire security infrastructure.  The endpoint does not live alone in an IT infrastructure. It coexists with many other security solutions. At any given time a computing compromise may occur rendering the IT infrastructure only as strong as its weakest link. Our McAfee platform approach will mitigate this risk.

Our endpoint will connect, in real time, to Mcfee and Partner solutions subscribed to the McAfee Platform via our Threat Intelligence Exchange and Data Exchange Layer. Being part of this platform means that an attack, and the associated threat intelligence, discovered by McAfee Dynamic Endpoint, will be shared in real-time with all other countermeasures subscribed to the platform. Delivering on this strategy requires scale from an endpoint penetration, threat intelligence, and management perspective. McAfee delivers that scale with over 90 million corporate endpoints protected with our endpoint solution, a product and partner management console in the McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator®, a tightly integrated threat intelligence cloud processing 420 billion lines of telemetry a month, and a security partner ecosystem with 135 partners committed to platform integration. This platform approach means that an attempted compromise and threat discovery on a single endpoint protected by the McAfee® Dynamic Endpoint solution will become the seed of immunity for the entire network.

At FOCUS 2016, our annual user conference at the Aria Casino In Las Vegas Nevada November 1-3, 2016 we will showcase new solutions in support of Dynamic Endpoint and it’s integration with the broader McAfee platform.

Bringing together advanced and traditional endpoint security in McAfee® Dynamic Endpoint, in addition to the integration with the broader McAfee Platform, will allow us to deliver a more superior experience than delivering any of them alone. Stand-alone, each delivers value but together they deliver superior satisfaction.  

Who knew that peanut butter cups and Dynamic Endpoint could possibly have anything in common!

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