The Future of Technology: 2025

This blog post was written by Penny Baldwin.

Connected technology is changing everything from physical devices to web security. The idea that Americans have of a connected lifestyle is gradually becoming reality, and as a result, we’re seeing a spike in consumer concern toward security woes. The Internet of Things is something that fascinates me – not only will it change the types of devices in our lives, but it will also change consumption of information, thus leaving a wide window open for marketers, PR pros and advertisers alike. This begs the question: what will technology look like in 25 years, and how can we prepare?

Last week, McAfee released a study that I’m pretty excited about. Safeguarding the Future of Digital America in 2025 highlights the predictions of 1,500 U.S. consumers about what the tech industry will look like in 11 years. The insights that we were able to glean from this effort provide some interesting takeaways about how accepting consumers are toward connected technology, and just how aware users have become of the security problems that come with smart devices.

All of the information in the report provides fascinating insights into the mind of the American consumer, but there were some the highlights that stood out to me:

  • Just wear it! By 2025, consumers will expect more from their everyday devices. In fact, 77% of consumers predict that in 11 years the most common device will be a smart watch, with 70% believe wearable devices will be mainstream and commonly used.
  • Robots will come to work. Sixty percent of the respondents believe that artificial intelligence and robotics will assist with their job tasks. If this prediction comes to fruition, it’ll likely mean an increase in security resources in the workplace.
  • Your app knows best! By 2025, many consumers believe that applications will be sending vital information to doctors, with 70% stating that this information will be sent directly into the hands of the physician.

What do you think the tech industry will look like in 2025? Will we all be wearing smart watches and receiving grocery reminders from our refrigerators? Tweet me @PennyRBaldwin and use the hashtag #FutureTech if you have a thought to share!

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