How McAfee is Hiring Top Talent During a Pandemic

As the world continues to address a rapidly evolving situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important more than ever for all of us to do our part to protect our families and communities.  

At McAfee, we play an important role in keeping the world safe from cyberthreats, and our mission to protect all that matters becomes heightened in times of uncertainty such as this. The well-being of our team members, their families and the communities in which we live, remains our top priority. With this in mind, we have and will continue to put stringent safety and precautionary measures in place across all sites globally. Simultaneously, we also know that our customers and partners depend on us to keep them safe too. Our adversaries in the world of cybersecurity aren’t slowing down; and neither will we.

Fortunately, we live in the age of technology where people can stay connected no matter our physical location. McAfee is still fervently hiring at this time and new team members continue to be onboarded. We continue to lean on tools such as virtual interviewing to attract top, diverse talent across the world. With that, I want to share how McAfee is recruiting when virtual interviewing is essential, along with three of my top tips to help candidates prepare for virtual interviews. 

1. Hone Your Virtual Interview Skills 

Like an in-person interview, preparation is key for virtual interviews to allow your full, authentic self to shine through. Eye contact, body language and listening is very important when you’re engaging in-person with someone, and as a candidate, you want to have that same connection during a virtual interview. So be sure to make eye contact, nod and leverage visual cues just as you would as if you were in-person.And of course much of the same rules apply for a virtual interview: always do your research beforehand, dress professionally, and be prepared to provide insightful takeaways and highlights that demonstrate you’re the best person for the role.

2. Set Up Ahead of Time

You also want to ensure your technology is ready—check your internet connection, computer audio, webcam and place your cell phone in silent mode. Close down any internet tabs or items that may be distraction – or worse, where an advert or background application may start playing. Make sure you’ve positioned the camera appropriately, your have a clear desk space, the room is well lit and that your background is neutral. It’s also worth having a digital copy of your resume or your portfolio to hand which you can easily email or share through the designated virtual technology you’re using. 

3. Prepare for the Unexpected 

With technology, there’s always a chance for something to go wrong. Before the interview, take time to exchange information with your recruiter in the event of technical difficulties and interruptions. Despite preparing, sometimes instances are out of our control—e.g. pets or children entering the room while you’re interviewing. We are all human beings with lives outside of work that shape who we are. In the event of a disruption, just ask for a few moments, step away and come back when the room is free of interruption again.  

As you seek career opportunities I hope these tips serve as helpful recommendations and ways to successfully land that ultimate dream job. McAfee is committed to providing the best possible candidate and onboarding experience during this unprecedented time and we look forward to e-meeting you where needed!

And if you’re looking to grow your career with a company that values diversity, and/or you’re simply interested to understand more about careers at McAfee, check out the McAfee careers site and available opportunities. 

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