How McAfee Makes an Impact: 2019 CSR Report Launch

By on Jun 25, 2020

At McAfee, we defend the world from cyber threats. We live our values daily. But most importantly, we recognize the power of inclusion and diversity in helping to create a better world inside and outside of McAfee.

Recently, we launched our 2019 corporate social responsibility report—our Impact Report. Last year, just our second year as the new McAfee, we published our collective actions and 2018 workforce demographics as part of McAfee’s first-ever Inclusion & Diversity Report.

This year, we’re providing greater insights on the progress we’re making to positively impact our people, our community, and our planet, together. As a company, we believe in proactively publishing this report with greater transparency, driving greater accountability and progress—not just for McAfee, but the industry as a whole.

We’ve made progress in our second year as the new McAfee and continue to reach major milestones. We achieved global pay parity. Our evolving hiring and retention practices brought us to the attainment of our 30% diversity goal and we made significant strides in our community outreach and sustainability practices.

We know genuine change requires continuous commitment and we’re up to the challenge. We look forward to working towards a more inclusive, sustainable world, and commit to refining our diversity hiring practices, ensuring equal career progression opportunities, actively developing cybersecurity interest in future generations, mobilizing our employees in their communities, and doing our part to protect our planet.

To understand the reach of McAfee’s impact, you can browse the report or read the highlights below.

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Chatelle Lynch is Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer at McAfee. She oversees the People Success organization which includes recruitment; inclusion and diversity; total rewards; systems and services; and workforce intelligence; and talent development. Lynch joined McAfee in 2005, later helping it evolve during its time as a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel, until ...

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