It’s a Digital World…We Just Live In It!

This blog post was written by Penny Baldwin.

The information age, the digital age, one thing’s for sure – the general marketing landscape has expanded and evolved beyond our wildest imaginations.

But with the amount of innovative trends and methods entering the market, how do you narrow down the field and pinpoint the ones that are right for your brand? In the B2B tech space in particular, this is inherently difficult to do.

While there’s no single strategy that is right for every brand, there are a few digital trends whose influence we can’t ignore, regardless if the market a brand calls home. Take a look at my top three trends and how your brand can utilize each of them: 

‘Mobile-friendly’ has become ‘Mobile-first’

More than 64% of American adults own a smartphone, meaning mobile is no longer simply a consideration – it’s a focal point. Take a look around – how many people can you spot focused in on the screens of their mobile devices? Even in the office, my bet is you’re able to count a few.

With more and more content consumption happening on the go via mobile, brands need to design with a mobile-first mentality. Be it ad campaigns, site optimization or even basic web copy, mobile should be a lead driver behind those decisions.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand more.

With apps such as Periscope and Meerkat entering (and disrupting) the market, video is proving to dominate. But even the realm of video is changing, as we are now finding that silence is golden when it comes to moving images. So are you leveraging all of this to your brand’s advantage?

Here’s an idea to consider: the next time you have a product announcement, speaking engagement, or company event, live stream it. Tell people when to tune in, send them a link and watch engagement soar. It doesn’t matter if it’s the launch of a new car, a live sporting event, or a tech user conference – live, moving content will engage and capture online communities and create a sense of belonging.

No matter how digital, brands should be increasingly human.

Never undervalue the power of a conversation. In the digital world especially, people want to know what others are up to, and that applies to brands as well. Take it one step further, and it’s been found that people primarily buy from companies they trust and can relate to.

So, weave emotion and authenticity into your digital experience and start interacting with your audience(s) on social media! A lot of positive can come from a brand showing it cares and listens to its customers.

What digital trends are you capitalizing on this year? Tweet me @PennyRBaldwin to share your thoughts.

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