McAfee IT Solutions Delivery Team Wins Oracle Excellence Award

This blog post was written by Patty Hatter.

I am extremely excited and very proud to make this announcement. Following a competitive process, with over 250 worldwide  nominations spanning all major industries, Oracle’s evaluation committee has selected McAfee as the winner of the 2014 Oracle Excellence Award for Fusion Middleware Innovation in the WebCenter category at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

Congratulations to the IT Solutions Delivery team who built the self-service Customer Service Portal to achieve this incredible milestone for the company, and thank you to the management team who has helped fast-track this team to success.

“This award highlights McAfee’s commitment to making it easy for our customers and support teams to find the right security resources and tools to keep their IT infrastructures secure,” said Deepa Gopinath, senior director, IT Solution Delivery, who accepted the award. “We’re honored to receive this prestigious award from Oracle.”

I am very proud of the IT Solution Delivery team. They are an exceptional representation of the IT organization. Their work and award shows how far this team reaches to ensure that they have built a successful product and provide an exceptional experience for our customers. They truly deserve this award.

McAfee and the IT Solution Delivery team was recognized for the innovative development of Customer Service Portal using Oracles’ WebCenter Portal and Content Framework. McAfee’s self-service Customer Service Portal, which went live in February 2014, integrates McAfee’s knowledge base, Threat Center information, Siebel CRM data and provides seamless access to McAfee supportability tools through a single experience. The portal is used to enable the company’s global gold and platinum customers to research solutions, manage problem tickets, download patches, submit malware samples, manage user profiles and more. As a result, the portal now provides the company’s gold and platinum customers, as well as our internal McAfee support agents with a world-class and seamless user experience. Many thanks to everybody who helped us build this exceptional product and for your enthusiasm along that long road!







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