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This blog was written by Chris Young, McAfee’s former CEO.

At McAfee we’re re-defining how we envision security, beginning with a new, strategic focus on the threat defense lifecycle. That’s why in the coming days, weeks, and months you’ll see and hear us make a number of moves that layout our thinking around the next chapter in security, and further define the unique ways in which we protect the computing experience. Our goal is to help enterprises address more threats faster, with fewer people, and to help everyone better protect their data, systems, and personal information. With an unwavering focus on outcomes, we are making changes in our portfolio, in our investment strategy, and in our technology roadmap.

Our strategic vision is new, but our core focus of innovating and delivering solutions to protect digital platforms, and to detect and correct attacks on systems and data, remains job one. Our leadership team and I have partnered over the past year to put in place a long-term plan to transform our business.

Starting next Tuesday, October 27, at FOCUS15 in Las Vegas, McAfee begins to unveil the results of our strategic decisions and investments. You can expect some important product announcements during my main stage keynote, with follow-on demonstrations of our technology in action, both today and tomorrow, by Brian Dye, our head of corporate products, and Steve Grobman, our CTO.

I’m proud of the news and announcements you’ll notice as a result of our new strategic vision. From the smallest of changes to the biggest of ideas, everything we’re doing begins and ends with the needs of our customers and partners. McAfee’s singular focus is on creating technologies for the next horizon in security.

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