Skyhigh Joins McAfee, the Device-to-Cloud Cybersecurity Company

This blog was written by Chris Young, McAfee’s former CEO.

I’m pleased to announce McAfee has completed our acquisition of Skyhigh Networks, now part of the McAfee Cloud Security Business Unit, led by former Skyhigh CEO Rajiv Gupta.

It’s a perfect fit. Skyhigh is an ideal complement to McAfee’s strategy. We’re both passionate about modernizing cybersecurity environments for the future and keeping our customer at the core of every decision we take.

And those customers are increasingly adopting the cloud to transform the way they do business. Yet cloud security is often an afterthought of, or impediment to, cloud adoption itself. This can no longer be acceptable if organizations are to realize the full transformative potential the digital world has to offer.

McAfee is committed to making the cloud the most secure environment for business and offers a cloud portfolio that addresses the three primary challenges of managing multi-cloud environments—visibility into networks, workloads and data; advanced threat protection; and pervasive data protection. Bringing Skyhigh’s cloud capabilities into a McAfee portfolio that already includes market-leading products in the endpoint and security operations center (SOC), gives our customers a company capable of delivering comprehensive threat defense, yet motivated to partnering across an open ecosystem for the same.

And, while bringing Skyhigh into the McAfee family creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts, we’ll be greater still by working with customers and partners who demand the best from the industry’s device-to-cloud cybersecurity company. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together is power.

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