Ready for a Love Affair with Your Job?

Five Questions to Ask Yourself this Valentine’s Day

This week, people around the world are exchanging cards, heart-shaped candy or flowers with loved ones to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This holiday centers on seeking happiness in relationships and finding love, but just as important, is how we find happiness in our careers and passion for the jobs we do every day.

Research tells us that when you’re love struck with your job, your brain performs better, you improve productivity by 12 percent and you live a longer, healthier life. So, this Valentine’s Day, ask yourself these five questions to check if you’re still getting butterflies when you think about your role, your career and the impact you’re making on the world around you:

Does this relationship fulfill you?

They may not happen every day. Or even every week. But after a project launch, a conversation with a team member or even when you finished a great piece of work your boss loved – do you have those moments of fulfillment and accomplishment? If you can’t recall your last moment, it might be time to think about how to reignite that spark.

At McAfee, rewards and recognition are simply part of who we are and our managers are trained in timely, relevant feedback to help our employees reach their full potential (so you have more of those “I’m killing it!” moments).

In addition, we find a strong sense of purpose serves as a powerful motivator. We’re in the business of keeping the world safe, so no matter what role you’re in, you don’t have to look far to see the impact you’re making. All employees also have the opportunity to contribute to our wider communities through programs like McAfee Explorers (a job-shadowing program designed to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity heroes), McAfee Online Safety Program for Kids (teaching children online safety) and our Global Community Service Day (an all employee volunteer day).

Do you share the same values?

Relationships with misalignment of the things that matters most, are doomed to end in heartbreak. By aligning your values with that of the company’s, you ensure you work both for and with others who share your values.

We’ve worked hard to create five meaningful values to live by. We put the customer at the core. We achieve excellence with speed and agility. We practice inclusive candor and transparency. We play to win or don’t play. We innovate without fear. These five values drive every business decision we make, determine our hiring practices and guide employees on how goals are achieved.

Can you be yourself?

It isn’t true love if you can’t share your true self. Expending energy hiding who you are distracts from what’s important both at home and at work.

We believe everyone has the right to bring their full authentic self to work. As part of our commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming culture, we invest in fueling diversity of thought and work hard to encourage and celebrate the things that make us different from one another. We know diversity not only makes us better, more understanding and empathetic colleagues, but it also effects the way we think and problem solve, helping to make us the best possible versions of ourselves. Check out how we’re celebrating Black History Month to learn more on how McAfee Communities, our employee-led resource groups, help us all gain a better understanding and appreciation for our differences.

Are you challenged to grow?

Before taking any relationship to the next level, it’s important to know you can grow together, not apart.

Because the learning never stops in an industry that relies on innovation and staying a step ahead of the bad guys, growing your career is built-in at McAfee. Having worked at McAfee for over 10 years and rising to CHRO in my time, I tell my team every day, the same opportunities exist for them too. You just need the passion and drive to get there. And of course whether it’s through career path planning or our tuition reimbursement program, McAfee offers employees everything you need to energize your career and help you reach your goals.

What about the little things?

It may have been love at first sight, but often it’s the little things that help keep the spark alive.

Our employees are at the heart of everything we do and so we work hard to make sure we listen to all those “little things” that truly add up to something amazing. Scooters in 10 offices worldwide? Sure! Or what about joining the 5 percent of companies that offer unlimited vacation in the U.S.? Done! How about a program that lets you bring your dog to work on a Friday: we’ve made it happen with McAfee’s Pups at Work program. Scroll through our Life At McAfee feed for some puppy love!

And on top of this, we offer fruit, spa water, donut Fridays (we can’t be good all the time!) and soda drinks all year round in a majority of our offices. Now, we’re not saying donuts equate to long-lasting love, but think about the small, extra steps your current employer goes to for you and if you get those warm happy feelings at not just the big things, but the little things too.

Are you ready to follow your heart this Valentine’s Day? Search our jobs to start your love affair with your job.


This post was previously published on LinkedIn Pulse.

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