Tearing Down Walls as the New McAfee

This blog was written by Jason Grier.

As we embark on our journey as a new company, we look towards our goals to help guide us along the way. Our north star? Collaboration. We want to tear down walls, because we know that we’re stronger together. But in order to do this, we first have to take the right steps to get there, including opening up the dialogue with our customers that keeps education a top priority, and supporting each other internally. And with those acting as our guide posts, the new McAfee can continue to succeed in ensuring safety for all.

Listening to Our Customers

As the new McAfee, our defined position in the market will help us continue our strong communication and collaboration with our customers. An open dialogue is crucial for customer success, so it’s important that we continue to build out a unique and personal experience. That means we’re going to strengthen the listening posts we have for every point of the customer journey, so they feel supported while they navigate the cybersecurity landscape. We’re also now going to set up resources in a centralized fashion to approach customer response with a data-driven method. That way, we can capture the similarities we hear from customers and make them into something actionable, which in turn allows us to provide a more immediate and direct fix to the problem.
The good news is: this has already started to become second nature to us because of the precedent Chris Young has set. When it comes to listening to customers and taking action, he truly leads by example. He’s completely customer-facing, he listens to issues, meets regularly, and most importantly, he sets clear expectations around taking action on what people are saying.
He reminds us that a customer’s journey needs to be strategic, which means we also need to begin the customer journey with a strategy, as well. That’s where strong cybersecurity education comes into play.

Keeping Education Top of Mind

We are in an industry that is charged with securing the lives of people who are dealing with complex problems. And unfortunately, a lot of our customers want to fully understand the problems they’re facing, but can’t.

Therefore, these customers are relying on us to tell them what they don’t know, and more importantly, what they need to do to stay safe.

That’s why the new McAfee is focused on making things simple, smooth, and easy for customers to understand. We want to break cybersecurity down in a way our customers can easily grasp and translate to their own lives. That way, cybersecurity becomes less intimidating and just second nature to them. To accomplish that, we’re going to constantly stay one step ahead by knowing what threats and technologies are on the horizon.

Teamwork Like Never Before

As the new McAfee, we’re experiencing a culture shift that’s allowing us to streamline and optimize our efforts as a team.  We’re now better supporting each other, using everyone to the best of their ability, and keeping everyone accountable for their actions. The result? Teamwork like we’ve never seen before.

That’s because we know this is all of our responsibility, and with that responsibility comes a sense of pride and ownership that is engrained in the fabric of McAfee. We’re proud that we get to positively impact so many lives, and we’re proud we can do that as a McAfee employee.

When you meet a McAfee employee, any employee, you see this sort of blue collar mentality that drives the way they work. Everyone is ready to get their hands dirty, do what they have to do to get it fixed, and get it right. We’re doers, and our customers know that. In fact, they’re counting on it.

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