Women in Sales Part 4: Achieving success through growth and balance

Women at McAfee are succeeding in cybersecurity salesWith an inclusive culture, raw talent, and passion, McAfee saleswomen continue to grow as professionals and people and seek to inspire women. 

In the last few weeks, women at McAfee discussed opportunities in the fieldoffered insight into the necessary skills to succeed, and shared the distinguishing traits that defined their success 

Now, leading women at McAfee offer to help illustrate the importance of learning and leveraging feedback to stimulate growth necessary for success. They also offer how they balance life, including motherhood, while maintaining bustling professional careers. 

persistence, and time: “Bring passion, persistence, and the right skillset. Acquiring the relevant skills in analytics or sales is important and you must give yourself time to build them. You need the right skills to get started, but passion and persistence will help guide your growth. Remember, everything is possible.” 

 Anna, Sales Operations, Plano, TX, United States 


Responding to feedback: My greatest achievement is reaching my current position, and it’s all because I embraced feedback. People shared they were hesitant to put me in management role. I listened and absorbed that feedback. I then zeroed in on improving in that area. I was passionate about achieving my goal and began to build my reputation and seek buy-in from those around me. I continued to show others what I was capable of and worked collaboratively to achieve great outcomes.” 

Briana, Presales/Sales Engineering, Brooklyn, NY, United States 

Online learning after a career pause:
 It can be a challenge to keep up with technology in a fast-paced industry. left the corporate workforce for five years before joining McAfee; I’m glad McAfee looked beyond that pause in my career. It is encouraging to see McAfee giving opportunities to candidates ready to rejoin the workforce and making a conscious effort in building an inclusive team. I think with the right attitudewillingness to learn, and opportunity, women who’ve paused careers can rejoin the industry. It helps to leverage the many online resources available so you can keep learning about the industry and pick up different skills to equip yourself with relevant knowledge.

– Caris, Sales Operations, Singapore

Hands-on experience
: “Learning never stops. It is important to build the foundation of your knowledge, but true learning comes from engaging in real-world projects. Always be ready to take every challenge and opportunity to start your career in presales. Say yes with intention.” 

 Delaram, Presales/Sales Engineering, Sydney, Australia

and learn from others: My most amazing professional achievement in the last 10 years is my ability to balancmotherhood and a careerThe way McAfee encourages working mothers stimulated the learning experience for me. In sales, you are always learning. Every day is new day with new challenges and experiences. We must listen, because listening teaches us so that we grow – and success comes with growth. Soak up the experience of your peers, leaders, and mentors, and carry the mindset that you will never stop learning. The payoff is worth it. 

 Eadaoin, Inside Sales, Cork Ireland

Embrace challenges, then unplug:
 “I moved to McAfee three years ago through a referral. I was new to the security industry and completely changed territories focusing now on civilian agencies. I looked at this as an opportunity to expand my skillset and continue building my personal brand. At the same time, I always prioritize time for myself. I love my work, but at some point, you need to turn off and call it a day. In my downtime, I love working out, listening to music, or just making time for me. I return to work with clearer focus. I’m very happy at McAfee and look forward to what the future holds.” 

 Kate, Enterprise Sales – Federal, Washington, DC, United States

Me time as a mom:
 “Before I became a mum, time to myself was easy to hold onto and therefore not as important. Now I find myself swinging between working or caring for my child. The rest seems to have disappeared. To become the woman, mother, and professional I want to be, I focus on reclaiming that sanctuary where I make time to exercise, socialize, or simply relax and unwind. I’m not sure I’ve found the right balance just yet, but now that I understand it’s value, I look forward to the journey of finding it.” 

 Kimberly, Channel Sales, Essex, England 

Positive self-talk
 and community: “Positive self-talk every day is important. I do my best to plan my “me time,” but when I don’t have time for myself on some days, I remind myself that it will be okay and make a plan to get the time I need the following day. I encourage myself day to day so that I don’t get lost in the hustle. If I’m a little overwhelmed, one thing that’s particularly helpful is to talk with others about their day. That makes me feel better, and I feel a part of a community.” 

 Kristol, Inside Sales, Plano, TX, United States 

Take time off:
 “I love technology and it’s my passion, but the work isn’t easy. Staying on top of technology advancements is a never-ending learning process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and work towards finding balance. I used to fear taking vacations or an occasional day off because I thought I might miss something. But that has changed since I know how important time finding the balance between work and personal life is. Sometimes, balance is just part of the greater learning process. Now, each week I look at my schedule and find ‘me’ time. I also try to keep my office and home life separate, especially in the physical space.” 

 Melissa, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, TX, United States

We bring out the best in each other
 when all voices are heardIt’s only then when we clear barriers and reach our goals. Coming up, women offer insights into the importance of support systems and inspiration. 

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