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A Connected Nation: IoT in America in 2025

If there’s one thing that remains consistent about technology, it is that it’s always in flux. From tablets to phablets, smart cars to smart TVs, our devices are getting increasingly “smarter” and entwined with our daily routines. To better understand the consumer perspective on these ever-evolving technology trends, we conducted ...

Executive Perspectives

11 Steps to Improve your Personal Digital Security

 Everyone with an account on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC also knows about phishing, scamming, password and identity theft, and to some degree, file intrusion and hardware destruction through advanced malware. Probably less well known is the fact that savvy hackers will focus on individuals in specific businesses ...

Cloud Security

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Cloud services are here to stay, and practically everybody is embracing them. In fact, the cloud computing industry is growing at the torrid pace of nearly 30% per year right now, according to Pike Research. Certainly healthcare service providers are getting on the cloud services bandwagon, either by choice or ...


Backup Security Best Practices

Network and mobile data breaches get much of the publicity today, but there’s another less publicized avenue susceptible to both insider and outsider attacks: backup. In early April, for example, Emory Healthcare in Atlanta lost the personal information of 315,000 patients when it discovered that 10 backup discs were missing. ...

Family Safety

Guide To Online Banking Safety for Confident Consumers

A recent poll revealed that 54% of U.S. consumers said the theft of their personal or financial information worried them more than losing their job or not having healthcare for their family members.[1] Their worry is not unfounded. As President Obama recently acknowledged, while the Internet has transformed how we ...

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