Executive Perspectives

Maintaining a Culture of Security Requires Ongoing Attention

Creating a culture that emphasizes a security-first mindset requires more than just updating the vision statement. HR professionals and people managers know very well that creating a sustainable organizational culture that makes any company vision a reality is a never-ending work in progress. Simply introducing the vision and values, and ...

Executive Perspectives

Enlist Employees in Building a Culture of Security from Day One

Fast-growing companies know firsthand how challenging recruitment can be. HR teams are intensely focused on how they can attract and secure top talent in a highly competitive environment. As you race to get ahead in the hiring game, it’s important not to overlook the critical steps needed to maintain the ...

Executive Perspectives

A Culture of Security Must Extend Beyond the Business

This blog was written by Grant Bourzikas, previous CISO at McAfee. In a world where the lines between personal and corporate data and devices are increasingly blurred, companies benefit when they take the time to educate all staff about online safety. Both the volume and sophistication of cyber threats are ...

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