Family Safety

How to Safeguard Your Family Against A Medical Data Breach

The risk to your family’s healthcare data often begins with that piece of paper on a clipboard your physician or hospital asks you to fill out or in the online application for healthcare you completed. That data gets transferred into a computer where a patient Electronic Health Record (EHR) is ...


The Ripple Effect of the Hansa Takedown

For nearly a decade we have witnessed the systemic rise and fall “dark net” markets. Each time a site is taken down by law enforcement, we see other, opportunistic ones capitalize on buyers looking for new places to purchase illegal goods. Last year we explored the takedowns of the popular ...

Family Safety

The Dark Web: What Every Parent Should Know

Mention the Dark Web in conversation and groans will inevitably ensue. Most of us realise it is a dangerous part of the net that should be given a very wide berth but probably haven’t had the time to investigate exactly why. So, here’s my 5-minute guide to ensure you are ...

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