Family Safety

5 Digital Risks That Could Affect Your Kids This New School Year

Starting a new school year is both exciting and stressful for families today. Technology has magnified learning and connection opportunities for our kids but not without physical and emotional costs that we can’t overlook this time of year. But the transition from summer to a new school year offers families ...

Family Safety

First Smartphone: Are You Putting Cyberbullies Under the Tree This Year?

There’s pressure — lots of pressure. And not the typical I-want-a-bike or a doll-that-poops kind of pressure your kids may have foisted upon you just a few Christmases ago. No, this is the big leagues. Your child wants his or her first smartphone to show up under the tree this year. ...

Family Safety

Study: Digital Self-Harm Among Teens Real; Here’s What Parents Need to Know

When we think of self-harm, most of us think about rituals such as cutting in which a person may physically cut themselves in an attempt to deal with overwhelming emotions. Very few of us, especially parents, think about self-harm manifesting itself in the digital realm. However, according to a new study ...

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