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Seven Tips for Protecting Your Internet-Connected Healthcare Devices

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which is led by the U.S. government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in conjunction...

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Ransomware Attacks: Cybercriminals Pinpointing Healthcare Organizations

No One is Invisible to Ransomware Attacks: Cybercriminals Pinpointing Healthcare Organizations   In this challenging time, cybercriminals have their eyes on consumers and institutions...

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80 to 0 in Under 5 Seconds: Falsifying a Medical Patient’s Vitals

With the explosion of growth in technology and its influence on our lives, we have become increasingly dependent on it. The medical field is no exception: Medical professionals trust technology to provide them with accurate information and base life-changing decisions on this data.

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Global Malware Campaign Pilfers Data from Critical Infrastructure, Entertainment, Finance, Health Care, and Other Industries

McAfee Advanced Threat Research analysts have uncovered a global data reconnaissance campaign assaulting a wide number of industries including critical...

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How McAfee Embedded Security Helps Medical Device Manufacturers

The blog was written by Tom Moore. Like other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, medical equipment is a vulnerable attack...

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How to Protect Your Child from Identity Theft in 8 Easy Steps

With all the things to knock out on your parenting to-do list, when’s the last time you thought to monitor...

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Doctoring Data: Why Cybercriminals Have Their Eye on Healthcare

Fun fact: your healthcare data is worth roughly 10 times as much as your credit card number. Well, to a...

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How Valuable Is Your Health Care Data?

This blog was written by Bruce Snell. Health care is a hot topic in security right now. A quick search...

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A ‘Second Economy’ Prognosis for Health Care Cybersecurity

McAfee CTO Steve Grobman has pointed out that gaining the upper hand in cybersecurity requires that we extend our thinking...

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Weaponized Medical Data as Damaging as Clinton’s Emails or Trump’s Videos

The 2016 presidential election in the United States will be remembered for a great many things. Never before in US...

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