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Ellen DeGeneres Instagram Hack: What You Can Do to Protect Your Account

Today was not an easy morning for Ellen DeGeneres. She woke to find that her Instagram account was briefly hacked according to the talk show host’s Twitter and Yahoo Entertainment. A series of giveaways offering free Tesla cars, MacBooks, and more, were posted to the talk show host’s account last ...

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Trivia Time: Test Your Family’s Password Safety Knowledge

Passwords have become critical tools for every citizen of the digital world. Passwords stand between your family’s gold mine of personal data and the entirety of the internet. While most of us have a love-hate relationship with passwords, it’s beneficial to remember they do serve a powerful purpose when created ...

Family Safety

11 Easy Ways to Start Reclaiming Your Family’s Vanishing Privacy

Every day search engines collect our data, companies sell our information, prying algorithms stalk our clicks and our cell phones and apps spy on us in a new and concerning ways. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated We’re in a privacy conundrum with our tech: We hate it, but we love it; ...

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