Consumer Cyber Awareness

Keep the Change: 3 Tips for Using the Twitter Tip Jar

When we think of tipping, many don’t see it as anything beyond a display of gratitude. However, Twitter’s latest feature is prompting its users to rethink this sentiment. It hasn’t been long since Twitter released their new Tip Jar feature, which allows users on the platform to send tips to designated accounts. However, online users and security experts are already exposing the vulnerabilities in its architecture.  Twitter’s Tip Jar has sparked ...

Family Safety

Family Safety: Twitter, Instagram Beef Up Measures to Fight Hate Speech, Bullying

The past few weeks have proven to be wins for family safety with several top social networks announcing changes to their policies and procedures to reduce the amount of hateful conduct and online bullying. Twitter: ‘Dehumanizing Language Increases Risk’ In response to rising violence against religious minorities, Twitter said this ...

Family Safety

The Mute Button: How to Use Your Most Underrated Social Superpower

For a Monday, the school day was turning out to be surprisingly awesome. Mackenzie sat with friends at lunch, chatted with her favorite teacher, and aced her English test. Then came the shift. It happened between 5th and 6th period when Mackenzie checked her Instagram account. One glance showed several posts ...

Family Safety

Summer Refresh: Take Time to Relax but Not on Password Security

With summer comes permission to relax a little more, sun a little more, and fun a little more. But, as Newton’s Third Law reminds us, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Apply that principle to online safety and it might read like this: Each time you relax ...

Family Safety

Can’t Keep Up? 6 Easy Things You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Having a hard time doing what needs to be done to keep your kids safe online? Do you mentally shrink back when you realize you don’t do any of the tips experts so often recommend? Let the guilt go, parent because you are not alone. Family life moves at warp ...

McAfee Labs

Twitter Accounts of US Media Under Attack by Large Campaign

A previously reported campaign purportedly carried out by Turkish hacker group “Ayyildiz Tim” targeting high-profile, verified Twitter accounts with the purpose of spreading Turkish political propaganda appears to have escalated within the last 24 hours. McAfee Advanced Threat Research has investigated the new events and discovered the following.

Family Safety

Have a Tweeting Teen in Your House? Here’s What You Need to Know

Twitter has evolved over the past decade to mean different things to different people. For adults, the platform has morphed from an epic waste of time to a go-to, daily news source and marketing channel. For kids, it’s a fun place to follow celebrities, a place to see and be ...

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