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Is It Time to Overhaul Your Relationship with Technology?

Editor’s Note: This is part I of a series on Digital Minimalism in 2020. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, he called it the “best iPod ever,” and said it would be a “very cool way” to make calls and listen to music. Little did he know that ...

Family Safety

What Would Yoda Do? 5 Tips to Raising a Mindful Digital Jedi

A Jedi, from the epic Star Wars films, is a warrior who fights for the greater good. Jedi are set apart and rely on a higher, internal power called,The Force to guide them in life and in battle. They possess an acute sense of the world around them and are mindful ...

Family Safety

Holiday Challenge: How Serious Are You About Curbing Your Screentime?

I tinkered with the idea of signing off Facebook for the holidays. I even wrote the popular “I’m unplugging for the holidays” post, looked at it for a moment, and then deleted it. What about the holiday photos I wanted to share? And the fun pictures of friends and family ...

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