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SIA Solution Brief: Interset & Atos (English)

McAfee, Interset, and Atos work together to narrow down billions of real-time security events to a handful of actionable leads in order to minimize the attacker advantage.

Cloud Security: Defense in Detail if Not in Depth: A SANS Survey (English)

The SANS Institute explores trends in the security of cloud computing based on their 2017 survey of IT professionals.

Cybersecurity Success Requires a Change of Mind (English)

In this white paper, McAfee CTO Steve Grobman postulates that making substantial improvements in cybersecurity require a new way of thinking as well as a new way of doing things.

Identify Sensitive Data & Prevent Data Leaks (English)

The interoperability between TITUS Document Classification software and McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) further reduces your risk of data loss by capturing end users’ inherent knowledge about the sensitivity of documents and making that information available to McAfee host and network-based DLP as visual classification labels and corresponding metadata.
Tópicos: Proteção de dados

SIA Solution Brief: Ayehu (English)

Ayehu integrates security process automation software with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager to accelerate incident response.

SIA Solution Brief: Check Point (English)

The McAfee and Check Point joint solution delivers a simple, automated way to unify endpoint and network security, sharing threat intelligence in order to effectively detect and block cyberattacks.

SIA Solution Brief: Niara (English)

The McAfee and Niara joint solution delivers alerts and forensic data to McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, enabling security teams to detect, investigate, and remediate user actions.

SIA Solution Brief: Niksun (English)

NIKSUN's NetDetector/NetDetectorLive expands security monitoring by combining signature-based intrusion detection system (IDS) functionality with statistical anomoly detection, analytics, and deep forensics with web reconstruction and packet-level decodes.

SIA Solution Brief: PhishMe (English)

The McAfee and PhishMe integrated solution offers one-click access to human-readable reports in McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, providing detailed insight into attackers TTPs.

SIA Solution Brief: Raz-Lee (English)

Integrate auditing and compliance capabilities from IBM i with data from McAfee Database Activity Monitoring and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.