Security and compliance for point-of-sale (POS) systems


Demonstrate PCI compliance and improve security

McAfee point-of-sale (POS) solutions help achieve greater ROI on existing systems, reduce patch urgency, and protect customer data. In the retail business, security issues such as breaches and unscheduled downtime can impact customer confidence and your bottom line. With McAfee solutions, you can extend security to distributed IT infrastructures, such as store-based POS checkout terminals, self-check units, cash drawers, information and web kiosks, PCs, and back-office servers.

  • Protect legacy, end-of-life, or recently purchased systems, without requiring a costly system or network upgrade.
  • Implement security in environments with limited network bandwidth.
  • Protect resource-constrained systems that can’t handle frequent patching and anti-malware updates.
  • Demonstrate PCI compliance.

Security and compliance for retail systems

Mitigate unwanted and malicious programs

Prevent the installation and propagation of internal and external threats with change control and dynamic whitelisting technologies.

Get alternatives to traditional, signature-based, anti-malware solutions

With a small system footprint ideal for retail environments, these solutions do not require .DATs, security updates, or network access, and can run on common platforms such as Microsoft Windows XP Embedded.

Reduce patch urgency

Decrease the need for reactive patching. Dynamic whitelisting permits the installation and operation of approved programs, reducing the urgency of frequent patches across multiple locations with limited network bandwidth.

Maximize ROI on legacy and end-of-life systems

Extend the operational life of older systems and applications to maximize existing IT investments without compromising security.

Demonstrate PCI compliance

Provide critical PCI security controls to demonstrate compliance to auditors. Through a combination of products, services, and partners, McAfee is uniquely able to address all sections of PCI.

Data protection for retailers

Solution Brief


Endpoint Protection

Combine industry-leading whitelisting and change control technology, ensuring that only trusted applications run on fixed-function devices.