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Cybersecurity Maturity = Visibility + Automation (English)

Explore how cybersecurity teams in the sector are achieving more than most with integration and automation

Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky (English)

We surveyed 1,400 IT professionals from 11 countries for our annual cloud security research study. The results in this report offer a detailed understanding of the current state of global cloud adoption and security.

MOVE AntiVirus Advanced Security Integrated with VMware NSX (English)

McAfee MOVE for AntiVirus has a track record of providing optimized antivirus protection for the virtual environment without impacting performance and agility.
主题: Server & Storage Security

Securing the Hybrid Cloud (English)

Most data centers today have a hybrid infrastructure that spans physical, virtualized and cloud deployments, both on premises and off premises. Discover how to keep up with this evolving landscape and provide an agile IT infrastructure to help meet business expansion goals.

Sustainable Advantage in Security with Cloud Workload Discovery (English)

Intel Security's cloud workload security solutions are built and enhanced to provide sustainable advantage while optimizing investment. Cloud Workload Discovery increases this advantage to discover, assess, and remediate threats targeting the cloud.

McAfee Labs 季度威胁报告:2016 年 12 月

为了更深入地了解企业利用安全运营中心的方式,以及这些方式的历史变化和未来趋势,Intel Security 委托开展了一项重要的调研。 第二个关键主题总结了勒索软件之年。2016 年,勒索软件攻击不仅在数量上突飞猛进,而且在技术上也进步迅速。在本报告中,我们详细介绍了其中部分发展情况。 最后,第三个关键主题深入探讨了可感染合法代码且十分隐蔽的特洛伊木马程序。这些程序想方设法尽可能长时间地躲避检测,从而最大限度获取回报。我们介绍了攻击者创造长期潜伏、难以检测的恶意软件的方法。
主题: McAfee Labs


本解决方案简介详细介绍了如何配置 Intel Security 产品来防止感染特洛伊木马程序并减缓其传播速度。
主题: McAfee Labs


本解决方案简介详细介绍了如何配置 Intel Security 产品,以帮助防范勒索软件。
主题: McAfee Labs

Building & Maintaining a Business Continuity Program (English)

Business continuity planning is a critical function that involves many different personnel and departments over multiple phases. As with many business continuity programs, an iterative process is most effective in developing a refined set of procedures and plans.
主题: Foundstone

McAfee Labs 2017 Threat Predictions Report (Chinese Simplified)

The number of cyberattacks is growing, driven by trends like the cloud and the Internet of Things. As the digital landscape evolves, so will threats. In this report, Intel Security experts share their predictions about how threats will change.
主题: McAfee Labs