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What if you could protect your data, identity, and privacy on every device you own with a single subscription?


Don't Get Hooked By Phishing

See how you can avoid dangerous phishing expeditions that can wreak havoc with your life, finances and reputation.

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From computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones, you live in a connected world. We offer protection on every device* you own.

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Award Winning Protection
PC Magazine Editor's Choice

McAfee LiveSafe, October 2015

AV Test certified

McAfee Mobile Security, November 2015

AV Comparatives Advanced+

Copyright 2015 AV-Comparatives. Reprinted with Permission

Bytes that Rock Finalist

McAfee Total Protection, December 2015

Trusted by consumers and recognized by the industry.
Intel® Security takes smart security to a whole new level.

Intel® Security Protecting Your Digital Life

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Yearly Plan

Trusted anti-virus for every device* you own.


Yearly Plan

Trusted anti-virus and identity management for every device* you own.


Yearly Plan

Premium antivirus, identity and privacy protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets—all in one subscription 

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