In the event your PC gets a virus, a McAfee expert will remotely access your computer to remove it or we will offer a full refund.

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Top features and benefits

Award-Winning Antivirus
Cloud-based threat analysis keeps
you protected against viruses, including
ransomware, without slowing you down.
Password Manager
Eliminate the hassle of passwords
with the multi-factor password
manager app.
Safe Web Browsing
Sidestep attacks before they
happen with clear warnings
of risky websites, links and files.
Safe Family
Make the digital world
a safer place for your kids.
Performance Optimization
Keep PC running like new,
block auto-play videos and
minimize bandwidth usage.
Encrypted Storage
Keep sensitive files private by
storing them on your PC with
128-bit encryption.
Cross-Platform, Multi-Device
Manage protection for
all your devices from an
easy-to-use web page.
FREE Support
Get free customer support via
phone, chat or online for the
life of your subscription.

Awards won by this product

Silver Award
InfoSecurity, USA
February 2017

Certified Android Security
July 2018

Certified Windows Security
August 2018

Performance Test
April 2018

Real-world Protection
July 2018

Consumer Security Services
October 2017

Mobile Security

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