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Terms of Service – Virus Removal & TechMaster Services


Thank you for using McAfee Virus Removal Service or TechMaster services (“Service or Services”), provided by McAfee or one of our affiliates (“we” or “us”). This is a legal agreement between us—installing or accessing our software or using our Services means you are agreeing to these terms, so please read them carefully.


These Terms of Service (“Agreement”),along with our License Agreement,  cover your rights to use the Services, restrictions on that use, our right to automatically renew and charge you for any subscription services (“Subscription Services”), and your agreement to arbitrate any dispute that may arise between us.  We have included links to our Privacy Notice as well as system requirements and other limitations specific to your purchase that are available on our website by visiting the product description page or data sheet that corresponds to your purchase, all of which are incorporated by reference and together create this legal Agreement that applies to you. PLEASE PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THE BINDING ARBITRATION PROVISION AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER IN THE LICENSE AGREEMENT THAT AFFECT HOW DISPUTES ARE RESOLVED.


If you are accepting these terms on behalf of another person or company or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have full authority to bind that person, company or legal entity to these terms.



  1. Accepting this Agreement and Modifications – By using our Services or clicking an acceptance button and/or installing any software, you agree unconditionally to be bound by our License Agreement and these Terms of Service and acknowledge that it is enforceable as a written contract signed by you. If you do not unconditionally agree to all of these terms, do not use the Services or install, use or access our software. WE MAY MODIFY THIS AGREEMENT FROM TIME TO TIME AT OUR SOLE DISCRETION FOR ANY REASON. For example, we may need to reflect changes in the law or updates in how the Services are provided. It is very important that you keep your account information current, including your email address and other contact information. If we make material changes to this Agreement, we will communicate the changes to you via the contact information you provided (or through other means) and give you an opportunity to review and accept or reject the updated Agreement as set out below.


    For paid subscriptions, you accept change(s) to this Agreement by renewing the subscription, and the change(s) will be effective upon the next renewal of your subscription. If you do not agree to the Agreement as amended, then you reject the Agreement by turning off auto renewal and ceasing all use of the Service. If you violate this Agreement, we may terminate your access to and use of Services.


    For free Services, you accept change(s) to this Agreement by continuing to use the free Services after the notice described in this section. If you reject the updated Agreement, your right to use the free Services is terminated and you must cease all access to and use of the free Services. If you violate this Agreement, we may terminate your access to and use of the free Services.


  2. Services Description – Our Services cover a wide range of technical support issues on specified PCs, tablets and mobile devices (“Device” or “Devices”).  During the applicable term, you are entitled to contact our support specialists (“Service Agent”) through telephone, chat, or remote computer access to obtain the specific type of Service you purchased (“Service Ticket”).  The Service Agent will undertake reasonable efforts to complete the Service during your interactive session.  You will have seven days after the session concludes to contact us for additional assistance for the same issue before we consider the Service Ticket fulfilled and closed.    Additional limitations may apply depending on the specific terms of the offer as set forth in Section 6.


  3. Specific Services and Non-Transferability – You may have purchased one or more of any of the following Services as described below:


    Virus Removal Service Our Service Agent assesses your Windows PC to determine whether it has been infected by malware, and uses commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose and remove any malware found.
    Tune-Up for PC Our Service Agent assesses the operational health of your computer, and takes steps to improve its efficiency. This may entail adjustments to system settings and the disabling or removal of unnecessary applications and system clutter.
    Set-Up & Optimize Our Set-Up & Optimize services offer remote, over the phone guidance in setting up your computer, smartphone or tablet. Get experienced help setting-up your home network, connecting the right peripheral devices, improving your PCs performance, or installing common software.
    Advanced Troubleshooting Our Advanced Troubleshooting services offer remote, over the phone help for troubleshooting and resolving computer problems or optimizing your PC performance.
    Concierge Gold A subscription that includes all the Services described above.
    Concierge Platinum A subscription that includes all the Services described above, as well as a one-year license for McAfee Total Protection and McAfee TechMate.

    The Services are not transferable. You may not sell, lease, license, rent, loan, resell or otherwise transfer, with or without consideration, the Services, without our written approval in advance. You may not permit third parties to benefit from the use or functionality of the Services via a timesharing, service bureau or other arrangement on behalf of any other third party or with respect to any hardware or software not personally owned by you. This Agreement shall apply to any other Services whether or not listed in the chart above, if there is no other applicable terms of service.


  4. System Requirements and Your Obligations – All hardware, software and system requirements for utilizing our Services are listed on our website on the PDP. To receive the Services, a high speed internet connection is highly recommended and may be required. Some Devices may not be able to receive the Services even if initial testing shows that your network connection is qualified, or that your Device type and/or operating system is supported.


    You agree that you are a legal license holder of the software on your Device and your use of the Services and the Internet is solely at your own risk. To receive the Services, you must agree to: (1) follow the procedures and fulfill the requirements we provide for the Services; (2) work with the Service Agent performing the routines they specify; (3) have full access to your Device and hardware that are the basis of the problem, (4) backup your Device content before your session begins; (5) be responsible for any loss, alterations or corruption of your data, software, or files; (6) ensure your Device meets all requirements and specifications required for each software application installed; (7) provide the Service Agent with required passwords and key codes; (8) ensure you have all legal rights, including copyrights for all software and other files on your Device; (9) assume responsibility for problem resolution due to third party hardware and software compatibility issues; and (10) indemnify us and our subcontractors from and against any and all liabilities, damages, claims, or proceedings arising out of your failure for not complying with the above items.


  5. Remote Access and Third Party Applications – In order to provide the Services, we may ask you to download and install certain tech support enablement software (“Support Tools”) that allows remote access to your Device. You authorize us to remotely access and take control of your Device using the Support Tools during any interactive sessions. If you do not authorize remote access, do not download the Support Tools. We may use third party Support Tools with additional licensing terms that apply. We will undertake reasonable efforts to remove the Support Tools after each session; however, the Support Tools may leave behind system report(s) and/or activity log file(s). In addition, for subscription services, we will install TechMate software on your Device, which performs tune-ups and other system performance improvements during the term of your subscription. This software will be deactivated upon the expiration of the subscription.


  6. Service Limitations – Services may be subject to any of the following limitations; refer to the applicable Product Description Page ("PDP"), your purchase confirmation email and/or offer details for limitations specific to your purchase:


    • Language and geographic limitations;
    • System limitations;
    • Specific terms of the offer.
  7. Limited Redemption Period and Refund Rights – Your right to use any of the Services, as well as your rights to obtain a refund for any service not used, vary depending on the type of Service(s) purchased as specified on your purchase confirmation email. Note: Some states and jurisdictions do not allow for the limitation of refund rights as described in this clause so this clause many not apply to you. Furthermore, this clause does not affect any other applicable refund rights.


  8. Single Incident Services: Payment and Refunds – Single Incident services (“Single Incident Services”) shall be provided on a per-incident basis. The term “per-incident” means that the service will address a single issue or problem for a customer.   You agree that we may charge to your credit card or other valid payment mechanism requested by you and approved by us all amounts due and owing to us for any Single Incident Service. Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, all payments for the Single Incident Services must be made at the time of purchase prior to receiving the Services from us.  Refunds are only available for paid, standalone purchases of Single Incident Services as follows:


    • For PC Tune-Up Incident Services, you are eligible for a refund within thirty (30) days of purchase in the event any of the following apply:


      1. Purchased the wrong service offering
      2. Service was not used
      3. Issue could not be resolved
      4. Service was not available
      5. Duplicate purchase or other error in purchase

    • For Single Incident Services such as VRS, your eligibility for a refund is subject to applicable redemption limitations as set forth on the PDP.   All Single Incident Services have a customer satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee.


    No refunds are offered for Services bundled with other software or included in a software suite.


  9. For Subscription Services: Automatic Renewal and Cancellation – See "Payment & Support Terms" in the License Agreement


  10. Refunds on Subscription Services: Refunds on Subscription Services are permitted as follows subject to any additional limitations set out on the corresponding PDP:


    Product 0 incidents,
    0-3 Months
    0 incidents,
    4-6 Months
    0 incidents,
    6-9 Months
    0 incidents,
    >9 Months
    1 incident used 2 incidents used More than 2
    Concierge Gold 100% 80% 70% 30% 65% 35% 0%
    Concierge Platinum 100% 75% 65% 25% 60% 20% 0%


  12. Privacy – For information on how we collect, use, and share your personal data through our website, products, services, and web-based mobile applications, please see our Privacy Notice.


  13. Disputes: See the License Agreement Provision on Binding Arbirtaration and Class Action Waiver


  14. Contracting Entities: The Services are offered to you by one of these McAfee legal entities:


    • McAfee, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, with offices located at 2821 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, California 95054, USA, if the Software is downloaded in North America, Central America, South America, or the Caribbean;
    • McAfee Ireland Limited, with offices located at Building 2000 City Gate, Mahon, Cork, Ireland if the Software is downloaded in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific Rim, or Australia; or
    • McAfee Co., Ltd. with offices located at Shibuya Mark City West Building 12-1, Dougenzaka 1-Chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan, if the Software is downloaded in Japan.


  16. Limitation of Liability, General Legal Provisions, and Governing Law:  See License Agreement.


  17. Entire Agreement. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, nothing in the terms will derogate from any rights you may have under existing consumer protection legislation or other applicable laws in your jurisdiction. The terms, including the License Agreement and Privacy Notice which are incorporated into this Agreement are the entire agreement between the parties relating to the Services and: (i) supersede all prior or contemporaneous oral or written communications, proposals, and representations with respect to its subject matter; and (ii) prevail over any conflicting or additional terms of any quote, order, acknowledgment, or similar communications between the parties, provided however that between any corresponding Product Description Page and this Agreement, the Product Description Page controls. The terms shall terminate immediately upon your breach of any term contained herein and you shall cease use of the Services. The disclaimers of warranties and damages and limitations on liability set forth in the terms shall survive termination.


  18. McAfee Contact Information


    Customer Service & Technical Support:




    Attn: McAfee Legal Department


    5000 Headquarters Drive


    Plano, Texas 75024