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Advanced Threat Research

At McAfee Labs Advanced Threat Research (ATR), our goal is to identify and illuminate a broad spectrum of threats in today's complex landscape. ATR researchers are responsible for researching threats including those targeting banking, retail, medical, and other industries. We find and report critical vulnerabilities in popular hardware and software and use a global network to track malware campaigns as well as nation-states and malicious actors behind them. These findings are fed back into the solutions that ultimately power McAfee’s products.

Research links


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McAfee Labs

McAfee Labs is the threat research division of McAfee and one of the world’s leading sources for threat research, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity thought leadership. Their work turns into your protection. 

Lab links


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Awards and Accolades

By setting the bar for innovation and hiring the best talent for over 30 years, we've had plenty of opportunities to shine. Here are a few of the awards we've been given for our work.

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