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McAfee has built a full suite of advanced software than can be customized to both the

needs of your lifestyle and the wide-ranging threats of online life. Tell us what needs

protection below, and we'll guide you on how to customize your McAfee services.




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Protect More Devices

Ensure your digital life is secure by protecting all your family's devices.


Stay on top of your security settings in order to keep your digital life protected.



The web can be a scary place. Don't go alone.



Here is how to auto-renew to ensure your digital protection.




Here is how to protect your privacy online.


Web Security

Here is how to protect yourself while you browse the Web.



Here is how to protect your devices from viruses.


Awards and Accolades


By setting the bar for innovation and hiring the best talent for over 30 years, we've had plenty of opportunities to shine. Here are a few of the awards we've been given for our work.

Identity Theft Protection


Are you concerned about identity theft? Make your digital world safer

place to live, work and play with McAfee identity Theft Potection.