Redemption and Refund Process for Virus Protection Pledge

  1. Confirm your McAfee Virus Protection Pledge eligibility:


    1. Sign in to My Account
    2. Click on the tab of the device you think might be infected
    3. Select Installed McAfee Apps
    4. Look for “Virus Protection Pledge”

    If you see... It means...
    Virus Protection Pledge: Available You’re covered with our Virus Protection Pledge
    Virus Protection Pledge: Not Available  You’re not yet covered – sign up for Auto-renewal to enjoy our Virus Protection Pledge


    Don’t see anything? Your subscription doesn’t offer our Virus Protection Pledge


  3. If you believe your device is infected, please perform a full system scan


    1. Start your McAfee product.
    2. Click on the section of the screen labeled “Updates” to run a check for new program and virus definitions.
    3. Click “Scan your PC”. When the new “Scan your PC” section of the program window loads, click “Run a full scan.”


  5. After running the full scan, if you believe your computer is still infected, please contact  McAfee Support.


Once we have determined your device has an infection, our agent will remove the identified malware from your computer. If our agent determines they cannot remove the malware from your machine, you will receive a refund (in accordance with the VPP Terms & Conditions) by:


  1. Reversing the original credit card transaction, if McAfee processed the original payment transaction within the last six months;



  3. Mailing a check or visa gift card for the amount you paid for the product, if the original payment transaction occurred through a 3rd party, or the payment was processed by McAfee more than 6 months prior.