On-Demand Webcast

Adaptable Security for Flexible Working Environments

The last few weeks have brought an almost unprecedented series of challenges to our businesses, our employees and our lives in general. With more people than ever now working from home, many of whom are doing so without any real advance preparation, security is a real concern for those of us whose responsibility is keeping our businesses safe.

This means it is critical that businesses quickly find ways to support their workers to work remotely and to do so in a secure manner. And to offer some advice on best practices for this situation along with the latest understanding of the threats we all face, join our on-demand webinar examining how to build resilience in a digital enterprise with a focus on adaptable security including secure cloud collaboration, phishing incident response and secure access services.

In this webinar you will :

  • Learn how to educate your home workers on basic security hygiene
  • Understand the threat landscape and how cyber-criminals are leveraging fears around COVID-19 to attack your business
  • Discover how to use cloud collaboration tools more securely
  • Have the opportunity to question the experts on the dos and don’ts of securing your remote workers
Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your security posture in this time of extreme uncertainty.