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Protecting the Internet of Things (English)

This brief explains how the open, connected McAfee security ecosystem enables IoT device manufacturers to detect, protect, and correct threats faster; automate their defense with fewer resources; and accelerate time to market.

SIEM: Fünf Voraussetzungen zur Lösung größerer Geschäftsprobleme

In dieser Kurzvorstellung stellt McAfee die fünf größten Herausforderungen für SIEM-Benutzer vor: umfangreiche Sicherheitsdaten, Einblick in die Sicherheitslage, Echtzeit-Kontext, einfache Verwaltung und integrierte Sicherheit.

Seven Steps to Ease the Pain of Managing a SOC (English)

Running a security operations center (SOC) requires staying ahead of threats, whether you head a vast army of security professionals or operate as a one-person band. As threats mount, expand, and increase in complexity, velocity, and frequency, this checklist can be utilized to turn chaos into order and confusion into confidence.

Protecting McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Database with McAfee Database Security (English)

This white paper also provides an overview of McAfee Database Security Activity Monitoring and highlights specific policy requirements to secure McAfee ePO software.

Unisys ClearPath MCP (English)

This document provides a detailed security review of the MCP operating system.

Cloud-Sicherheit: Schutzmaßnahmen unter der Lupe

Das SANS Institute untersucht Sicherheitstrends im Bereich Cloud Computing basierend auf einer eigenen Umfrage unter IT-Experten im Jahr 2017.

McAfee Labs Threat Report: December 2017 (English)

McAfee Labs unveils statistics measuring recent threats and reporting on security incidents, malware, mobile, ransomware, fileless, web, and network threats.
Themen: McAfee Labs

McAfee Labs Threats-Report: Dezember 2017

Laut McAfee Labs stieg die Zahl der Varianten bei Malware (57,5 Millionen neue Varianten), Mobilgeräte-Malware (um 60 %), Ransomware (um 36 %), Malware mit PowerShell-Komponenten (um 119 %) und anderen Bedrohungen im 3. gegenüber dem 2. Quartal.
Themen: McAfee Labs

SIA Solution Brief: Interset & Atos (English)

McAfee, Interset, and Atos work together to narrow down billions of real-time security events to a handful of actionable leads in order to minimize the attacker advantage.

Market Guide for Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions (English)

The EDR market is rapidly converging with the endpoint protection platform market; however, both areas will continue to coexist for the next three years. Security and risk management leaders need platform-based solutions that provide all aspects of adaptive security architecture.