SuperScan v3.0

SuperScan is a powerful connect-based TCP port scanner, pinger and hostname resolver. Multithreaded and asynchronous techniques make this program extremely fast and versatile.

Key Features

  • Perform ping scans and port scans using any IP range.
  • Use a text file to extract addresses from.
  • Scan any port range from a built-in list or any given range.
  • View responses from connected hosts.
  • Modify the port list and port descriptions using the built in editor.
  • Merge port lists to build new ones.
  • Connect to any discovered open port using user-specified "helper" applications.
  • Assign a custom helper application to any port.
  • Save the scan list to a text file.
  • Transmission speed control.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive help file.

This is first and foremost a tool for network administrators. Do not attempt to use this program against computers on the Internet that you have no right to scan since you are highly likely to be tracked down and attract the attention of your ISP, possibly resulting in your account being terminated.

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