Understanding Attack Phases and Defence-in-Depth

  • Datum:18. September 2013
  • Zeitpunkt:14:00 - 14:45 WEZ   Lokale Zeit
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  • Art der Veranstaltung: Webcast
  • Ort:Online

The motivation and methods behind attacks has evolved. Traditional signature-based antivirus protection is 20-year-old technology. It should be the last line of defence, yet within many organizations it is the only line of defence against malware.

Join this endpoint security webinar to learn how to evolve your approach to adopt defence-in-depth. Topics include:

  • How to differentiate AV at the gateway, server, and desktop for a true defence-in-depth approach
  • How new protection techniques can deliver vastly superior protection
  • How signatures can be supplemented by additional technology to fight malware
  • How zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats, and rootkits can be stopped without signatures

This webcast is hosted by Jason Brown, an enterprise solutions architect specializing in endpoint and responsible for ensuring that optimal solutions are provided to customers within the enterprise market segment.