McAfee Product & Technology Support Lifecycle

Stonesoft Legacy Appliances and Software

Appliance owners who have valid hardware support contracts are able to use the Hardware Replacement Service as specified in the Support Service Description. The end-of-sale date is the last day the given appliance model is generally available for purchase. McAfee aims to maintain software support for each appliance model in new major software versions for two (2) years after the end-of-sale date. At that time, the current major software version is fixed as the last major software version that supports the given appliance model, and only maintenance versions for that major version will be supported. For reasons of technical compatibility, there may be exceptions to this general rule.

After five (5) years from the appliance end-of-sale date, the appliance reaches end of life (EOL). The tables below list the end-of-sale dates for appliances that are no longer available.

For older models, the last day to renew one-year maintenance is listed. The tables also provide information about the actual last major software version that supports the given appliance model.

For more information about the equivalent replacement model, please click on the model number to view appliance specifications.

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