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AntiVirus Plus

Basic Device Security


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Up to 10 Devices / 1-Year Subscription
Introductory Pricing for New Customers


5 Devices + Secure VPN (5 Licenses)
Identity Protection Service


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Up to 5 Devices / 1-Year Subscription
Introductory Pricing for New Customers


Unlimited Devices + Secure VPN (5 Licenses)
Identity Theft Insurance + Safe Family


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Unlimited Devices / 1-Year Subscription
Introductory Pricing for New Customers


10 Devices + Secure VPN (5 Licenses)
Identity Protection Service + Safe Family


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Up to 10 Devices / 1-Year Subscription
Introductory Pricing for New Customers

*Price shown is for first year. See offer details below.

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$1 million in coverage
Ultimate plans include $1,000,000 insurance to cover eligible losses and fees due to identity theft and fraud.**

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24/7/365 customer support
Get around the clock assistance from friendly, knowledgable security experts.

100% guaranteed
We pledge to remove viruses on your devices or give you your money back, guaranteed.**

What our customers are saying

New updates are awesome. Especially the Identity Protection feature. It found a breach of my account on one app and enabled me to fix it.​

- Divya O​

I've been with McAfee for the longest time, and I don't plan to switch anytime soon.

- Issac

Love the fact that I can use it on 3 mobile phones and 2 laptops the VPN is always warning me of unsecured WiFi and sites.

- Babs

I have used this product for many years therefore I have complete confidence that it does the job. 

- Jack D.

I do most of my banking, and most of my shopping through online purchases with my phone & on my computer. I can't say enough about the security it's given me and my family.

- Jemma

I have used McAfee for many years and am very happy with the performance of this software and have never had an issue. 

- Peedy

Perfect. It was super easy to use activate and install.


It is a perfect and reliable app, I enjoy using it since I've come in contact with it. 

- Sola D.

I’ve been using McAfee for years now and it never disappoints.

- Darrel

Best value for the money.

- John H.

Improved now! Has good features and details very precisely what its features do.

- Jitendra

Very economical. Great virus + program. Can use on our mobile phones too. Excellent product.

- Forest M

I’ve been using this antivirus for over ten years I trust it empathically.

- Robin

I trust in their security after all the years. I feel safe and safe for my info.

- Morrison

Industry-leading online
protection loved by millions

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Trusted security

for over 600 million devices

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Highest ratings

for security by SE Labs

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42 million

threats blocked per day

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Stay safe. Experience more. With McAfee® Total Protection, you can easily protect how you browse, game, and connect, now with identity and privacy protection. Try our all-in-one online protection free for 30 days. ​

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