Easily correlate application contents with events and other data feeds, monitoring all the way to the application layer. This content pack enables you to fully inspect application contents to achieve the deepest visibility into how your network is being used. McAfee Application Data Monitor (ADM) decodes an entire application session to Layer 7. This level of detail allows accurate analysis of real application usage, while also enabling you to enforce application-use policies and detect malicious, covert traffic. It integrates with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager to quickly and easily set up a single-pane-of-glass view into McAfee ADM events from within the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager dashboard.

Content Pack Components


  • McAfee ADM Audio Content Summary
  • McAfee ADM Authentication Problems
  • McAfee ADM DNS Summary
  • McAfee ADM Email Summary
  • McAfee ADM Executable Content Summary
  • McAfee ADM File Transfer Summary
  • McAfee ADM Instant Messaging Summary
  • McAfee ADM Large File Summary
  • McAfee ADM Object Type Summary
  • McAfee ADM Printer Activity Summary
  • McAfee ADM Protocol Summary
  • McAfee ADM Shell Access Summary
  • McAfee ADM Social Media Summary
  • McAfee ADM Video Content Summary
  • McAfee ADM Web Activity Summary
  • McAfee ADM Webmail Summary

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