Malicious activity can be hiding in the traffic traveling through your firewalls. A lack of visibility into such activity leaves your network vulnerable. Leverage the data coming from your firewall devices for deep analysis by McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. It can reveal abnormal or out-of-place traffic and offer you the insights needed to effectively stop these potential threats.

Content Pack Components


  • Firewall - Firewall Policy Change


  • Firewall View
  • Firewall View – Allowed Traffic
  • Firewall View – Blocked Traffic
  • Firewall Normalization View
  • Firewall Vendor Views

    • Check Point Firewall View
    • Cisco Firewall View
    • Cyberoam Firewall View
    • Dlink Firewall View
    • Fortinet Firewall View
    • Global Technical Association Firewall View
    • Juniper Firewall View
    • Kerio Firewall View
    • McAfee Firewall View
    • Microsoft Firewall View
    • Palo Alto Firewall View
    • Dell Firewall View
    • Tofino Firewall View
    • Secure Crossing Firewall View


Provides a summary of daily traffic. Also listed are the different charts shown in the report layout filtered by device type ID for the firewall class.

  • Daily firewall Activity Report
    • Top Source IPs – Allowed
    • Top Source IPs – Blocked
    • Top Destination IPs – Allowed
    • Top Destination IPs – Blocked
    • Top Destination Ports – Allowed
    • Top Destination Ports – Blocked
    • Protocols
    • Event Subtype

Correlation Rules

  • Firewall - Excessive Firewall/ACL Connections Accepted from Single Host
  • Firewall - Excessive Firewall/ACL connections Denied from Single Host
  • Firewall - Firewall Accept after Recon Event on a Local Host
  • Firewall - Multiple Firewall or ACL Events to Multiple Hosts that Are Blocked
  • Firewall - Excessive Firewall and ACL Acceptance from Single Host
  • Firewall - Firewall Policy Change

Required Products

  • McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) 11.x, 10.x
  • McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine (ACE) 11.x, 10.x

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