Each week, we’ll be showcasing the whys and how-to’s of McAfee technologies – from NextGen SWG and SASE to XDR. Xplore all the Power Spotlights and Breakouts, and discover the latest in comprehensive cloud security.

Wave 3: NEW URGENCY (Securing a New Normal) – November 12

Wave 2: NEW ADVERSARIES (Threats) – November 5

Wave 1: NEW INNOVATION (Product Announcements) – October 29


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Digital Transformation - Device to Cloud (Wave 3)

MVISION Marketplace: Creating Composable Security Solutions That Evolve with Change

Speaker: Javed Hasan - Global Head of Enterprise Products Strategy and Alliances, McAfee

McAfee takes its industry-leading integration program to the cloud. Learn how customers can experience seamless integrations between McAfee MVISION technologies and other key elements of their cloud-based IT environments by leveraging a single API connector. Power On your frictionless Device to Cloud cyber security ecosytems with McAfee SIA.

Cloud Security - SaaS (Wave 3)

Securing Microsoft Teams with MVISION Cloud

Speaker: Thyaga Vasudevan - Sr Director, Product Management for the Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

Collaboration at work has evolved beyond email. Cloud applications allow teams to communicate in real-time, efficiently share information, collaborate on documents, and access information easily from any device. With agile, dynamic workplaces moving the way of collaboration applications. McAfee MVISION Cloud for Teams implements cloud access security broker (CASB) technology to enforce data loss prevention (DLP), threat protection, activity monitoring, and rights management from a unified cloud-native platform. MVISION Cloud Link connects to Team’s APIs to gain visibility and enforce policies based on data and user activity. MVISION Cloud Gateway enforces policies inline for data in motion, covering all users and devices without agents. Finally, the MVISION Cloud Ground Link connects between cloud and on-premises security tools. With enterprise-grade cloud services and a cloud-native security solution, data in the cloud can be more secure than anywhere else. We are excited to talk about our partnership with Microsoft to ensure Office 365 is one of the safest places for enterprise data.

Digital Transformation - Endpoint/Overall (Wave 3)

Endpoint Security: 5 Ways to Securely Enable Your Remote Workforce

Speaker: Salah Nassar - Director, Product Marketing, McAfee

Endpoint Security: 5 ways to securely enable your remote workforce --- On the heels of today’s new remote workforce, organizations are scrambling to provide the proper tools for collaboration while maintaining business integrity across all endpoints. The need for organizations to adapt and secure business systems from cyberattacks is a shift in the security industry unlike ever before. It is through intelligent monitoring and adaptation to the new remote workforce that we bring you our latest endpoint security innovations. Learn how you can enable remote services securely, as we share solutions that guide you in preventing, detecting, and responding to threats by predicting, prioritizing, and prescribing protection.

Cloud Security - CSA (Wave 3)

Improve Your Cloud Security Posture in Real Time

Speaker: Thyaga Vasudevan - Sr Director, Product Management for the Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

CISOs and security teams are increasingly being asked to prove that a security solution they have deployed has quantifiably reduced risk. They also want to know, and show, how their security maturity compares to peers in other organizations and how it is trending with time.

Cloud Security - Overview (Wave 3)

Cloud Adoption & Risk Report: Seeing through Clouds and Configurations

Speaker: Raushni Gupta - Director, Product Marketing Engineering

In responding to a digital transformation mandate most organizations are leveraging the agility, elasticity, and innovation velocity of public cloud providers, either solely or in conjunction with their private data centers and private clouds in a hybrid manner. However, are enterprises sufficiently prepared to protect their users and their valuable data against cloud native threats? Are enterprises prepared to address the mistakes, misconfigurations and mismanagement inherent to public cloud adoption? McAfee shares learnings and recommendations derived through a comparison of 1,000+ enterprise enterprises surveyed worldwide, and real-world cloud usage in this report.

Effective Enterprise - Endpoint/EDR (Wave 3)

Getting the Most Out of MVISION EDR: Maximize Your Investment & Minimize Your Time Commitment

Speaker: Dr. James Fraley - Director, Services Strategist, McAfee

Maximize Your Investment and Minimize Time Commitments with MVISION EDR – With 700,000 new threats appearing every day how can you possibly investigate without a huge team of highly skilled analysts? Do you need a method to develop a holistic environment for your McAfee EDR solution? Look no further. In this session, you'll learn how to maximize your investment (and minimize time commitments) by leveraging use cases that extend EDR and make it more usable in your environment. We will provide deep insight into best practices, processes, and procedural integrations and integration with McAfee or 3rd party products, including the role of AI and automation techniques. We will also review operational and advanced use cases for EDR.

Efficient Enterprise - ePO (Wave 3)

Best of Both Worlds: Cloud-Native Management with McAfee MVISION ePO

Speaker: Derek Watkins - Product Manager, McAfee

Best of both worlds: Simple & more powerful ePO management from the cloud -- MVISION ePO is the heart of McAfee’s industry leading security platform. Learn how the platform is evolving with a powerful user experience and more security like data protection. We’ve taken the goodness of ePO you have enjoyed for years and taken it to the next level in the cloud delivering huge efficiencies.

Digital Transformation - SASE (Wave 3)

Raise the Bar for Your Cloud Architecture: SD-WAN, Low Latency, and 99.999% Reliability

Speaker: Sadik Al-Abdulla - VP, Product Management, McAfee

Raise the Bar for Your Cloud Architecture: SD-WAN, Low Latency, and 99.999% Reliability – Traditional security architectures have struggled as organizational resources have migrated to the cloud and the workforce moves away from the office. Come and see how MVISION UCE’s hyper-scale service edge can help your workforce enjoy the highest security, reliability and performance.

Efficient Enterprise - Network (Wave 3)

Building an Advanced Threat Protection Platform

Speaker: Ryan Wuensch - Global Tech Director, McAfee

Is your network protected? Advanced threat prevention with dynamic perimeters – The network is more critical than ever. But it’s also more complex. Learn how McAfee is evolving its traditional network security solution into an advanced threat detection and prevention platform so you can better secure dynamic hybrid enterprises - even with a shifting network perimeter.

Digital Transformation - SIEM (Wave 3)

Break down efficiency barriers: accelerate time to value with cloud-based incident investigations

Speaker: Prashant Khandelwal - Director, Product Management, McAfee

Break down efficiency barriers: accelerate time to value with cloud-based incident investigations -- Today’s SecOps teams have enough to handle, learn how ESM Cloud can help customers remove barriers to efficiency, transition to the cloud and maintain and improve their security posture with cloud-based incident investigations. This session will cover how ESM Cloud works, who’s best suited for this path, and how todays customers can successfully transition.

Efficient Enterprise - Datacenter (Wave 3)

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Clouds: Securing the Modern Datacenter

Speaker: Trey Wafer - Senior Manager, Product Management, McAfee

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Clouds: Securing the Modern Datacenter – "Maintain compliance! Pass the audits! Secure our assets! Lower your costs! Transform the business! Move to the cloud!" Security Managers are in a tough spot. The cloud can be an answer, but companies cannot instantly make the move. Even cloud service providers admit that the world will "always be hybrid". Leveraging the value of the cloud at the speed and security level that's right for you is a deliberate journey. Learn how one enterprise made that journey and how they manage their "modern datacenter" today.

Cloud Security - Threats (Wave 2)

MVISION Cloud Threat Investigation with MITRE ATT&CK

Speaker: Sandeep Chandana - Director, Data Scientist for the Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

The world’s leading security teams use MITRE ATT&CK. With MVISION Cloud, McAfee is bringing cloud security incidents into the mainstream SOC. For many security teams today, cloud threat investigation is a manual, labor-intensive process. It’s difficult to gain visibility to attacks occurring across your cloud environment, from Microsoft 365, to Box, to Azure, AWS, and all the other services you use. Events can regularly be in the millions, which creates a roadblock to developing a repeatable risk mitigation process. MVISION Cloud pre-filters millions of events to thousands of anomalies and often just dozens of true threats to your cloud environment. Now, those threats and anomalies are tagged and mapped to MITRE ATT&CK, so the cloud speaks the same language as the rest of your SOC. You have multiple workflows to choose from – directly feeding the MITRE ATT&CK events to your SIEM or SOAR platform via API, or visualizing attacks in MVISION Cloud. In MVISION Cloud, you can visualize attacks that have already occurred, and ones currently in progress, with policy recommendations for the actual adversary techniques being used against you.

Efficient Enterprise - Endpoint/Insights (Wave 2)

Change the Game: Shift to Proactive Threat Defense with MVISION Insights

Speaker: Scott Howitt, Chief Information Officer, McAfee

What does it really mean to be proactive? Imagine obtaining actionable threat insights before an attack hits your organization. Hear from organizations how these proactive insights change their security operations game plan and produce new and better outcomes. Review the possibilities of proactivity to come!

Digital Transformation - SASE (Wave 2)

Don't Let a Crisis Stop Your Business: Free Your Teams to Securely Work from Home

Speaker: Naveen Palavalli - Vice President, Marketing, McAfee

The global pandemic required organizations to turn on a dime to a cloud-enabled, remote workforce. Security was often an afterthought. McAfee enables you to safely and easily empower your workface with proactive device-to-cloud cyber-security. Don’t compromise productivity for security: learn how to get advanced security with 99.999% availability for optimal business outcomes.

Efficient Enterprise - Endpoint/EDR (Wave 2)

Overwhelmed by sophisticated attacks? Simplify breach investigation and response with easy EDR

Speaker: Randy Kersey - Project Manager, McAfee

Overwhelmed by sophisticated attacks? Simplify breach investigation and response with easy EDR -- Adversaries are always evolving their use of tactics and techniques that threaten enterprises. In this session McAfee will explore some of the sophisticated approaches as well as how McAfee can help outmaneuver and stop them fast. We will discuss specific use cases and how getting ahead of the attacker is critical.

Cloud Security - Threats (Wave 2)

ATT&CK the Cloud: New Research on Cloud Threat Investigation with MITRE ATT&CK

Speaker: Dan Flaherty - Senior Product Marketing Engineering, McAfee

In partnership with U.C. Berkeley and MITRE, McAfee surveyed 300 enterprise security teams to uncover their current risk exposure to cloud threats, and maturity in defending against them. This session will dive into the research findings and provide practical guidance for improving cloud threat investigation.

Efficient Enterprise - Endpoint (Wave 2)

Stop paying ransom: How to halt Ransomware in its tracks with proactive Endpoint security

Speaker: Briana Farro - Global Technical Director, Endpoint Security, McAfee

Stop paying ransom: How to halt Ransomware in its tracks with proactive Endpoint security – As the threat landscape evolves in generating easier and more customizable attack campaigns, the need for bolstered security defenses for a new remote workforce has raised the stakes to new heights. Our latest findings across a variety of sectors have observed a rise in Ransomware-as-a-Service attacks, such as NetWalker. In this session, you will learn all about our latest protection enhancements to combat ransomware threats, and best practices on how to help prevent, detect and respond to threats to your organization.

Efficient Enterprise - SASE (Wave 2)

Proactively Secure the Web and Cloud: Stay Ahead of Threats with Intelligent Remote Browser Isolation and Real-time Threat Protection

Speaker: Michael Schneider - Senior Manager, Product Management, McAfee

Proactively secure the web and cloud: Stay ahead with intelligent remote browser isolation and real-time threat protection -- Until now, many organizations have been forced to decide between new technologies they can use to fight the latest threats and not slowing down the business. Learn how the introduction of Remote Browser Isolation technology enables MVISION UCE to deliver integrated real-time threat protection and proactive risk management without compromise.

Cloud Security - Threats (Wave 2)

Top 5 Adversarial Techniques in a Cloud-native Breach

Speaker: Sandeep Chandana - Director, Data Science

1 in 3 enterprises say they’re aware of an attack against their cloud infrastructure, yet fewer have the ability to audit for configuration errors that let these attacks happen. This lack of visibility likely means attacks are going unreported – putting data at risk every day. In a recent study, security teams around the world told us they estimate about 37 misconfigurations occur in their cloud environments each month, but when we look at real-world data, the reality is actually thousands. Many companies still have a long way to go in their ability to detect cloud-native breaches. These attacks typically don’t use malware – instead the native features of the cloud service provider to land, expand, and ultimately exfiltrate data. This is a new paradigm that requires a new perspective and tooling to mitigate risk.

Efficient Enterprise - SASE (Wave 2)

Multi-Vector Data Protection: Lock Down Your Data, Not Your Business

Speaker: Graham Clarke - Director, Product Management, McAfee

Multi-Vector Data Protection: Lock Down Your Data, Not Your Business – The cloud has introduced considerable data security and compliance challenges that traditional endpoint or network data loss prevention (DLP) can’t address on their own. Join this session to see how MVISION UCE can help deliver unified data protection across the web, cloud, and endpoints.

Cloud Security - SaaS (Wave 2)

Securing Microsoft 365 with MVISION Cloud

Speaker: Thyaga Vasudevan - Senior Director, Product Management

Microsoft 365 has experienced a meteoric rise to become the world’s number one cloud service, but with Gartner advising clients to look into 3rd party solutions to secure the platform, many IT Security professionals are playing catch up to secure production environments. In this session we’ll outline the top 7 security use cases for Office 365 across Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Azure and provide a model for determining which use cases to tackle first.

Cloud Security - IaasS (Wave 2)

Cloudy with a Chance of Containers

Speaker: Rich Vorwaller - Director, Product Management

Containers are Ephemeral, Immutable and Inevitable! By 2022, greater than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production - a significant increase from fewer than 30% today (Gartner, May 2019). Container workloads are a natural progression of virtualization and are optimized to take full advantage of the promise of the cloud. The power of dynamic container workloads and microservice architectures push the boundaries of traditional cloud security policies. McAfee MVISION Cloud for Container Security provides a comprehensive, unified cloud security platform with container optimized strategies for securing ephemeral container workloads and the infrastructure they depend upon.

Cloud Security - Threats (Wave 2)

Anatomy of a Cloud Attack

Speaker: Sandeep Chandana - Director, Data Science

Cloud Native Attacks are on the rise, as is expected as cloud adoption increases. From the beginning of the 2020, we saw a 200-300% increase in global cloud usage, in part due to the impact the pandemic has had on the enterprise workforce. In this same time period, we saw a 600-800% increase in cloud native threats and attacks.

Cloud Security - Threats (Wave 2)

Tracking the Nation State

Speaker: Raj Samani & Christiaan Beek - McAfee Fellow, Chief Scientist & Senior Principal Engineer, McAfee

In late July 2020, McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team released a blog describing “Operation North Star”. This campaign used social media sites, spear-phishing and weaponized documents to target employees working for organizations in the defense sector. This early analysis focused on the adversary’s initial intrusion vectors, described the first stages of how an implant was installed, and how it interacted with the Command and Control (C2) server.

Efficient Enterprise - Endpoint/Insights (Wave 2)

How to Go from Indicators to Actionable Intelligence with MVISION Insights

Speaker: John Fokker - OCTO Advanced Threat Research & Advanced

MVISION Insights offers actionable Threat Intelligence to thousands of customers globally. This requires a unique collection strategy to make sure that the threats that McAfee focuses on are the ones that matter. In this session you’ll learn firsthand how the McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) Team is the human element that feeds MVISION Insights with actionable threat intelligence, learn the philosophy behind it, and understand some of the challenges that come with gathering threat intelligence for MVISION Insights.

Cloud Security - Overview (Wave 1)

Secure Your Cloud, 2020 and Beyond

Speaker: Kaushik Narayan - CTO, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

Cloud security has evolved as quickly as the cloud itself with 90% of sensitive data now in sanctioned apps like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. As production workloads and information assets increasingly migrate to the cloud, the threat landscape continues to evolve. These trends are leading to a platform approach that optimizes visibility and control, no matter where data resides. Learn how McAfee is investing in MVISION Cloud.

Cloud Security - IaaS (Wave 1)

The DevOps Complexity Conundrum: Cloud Security Shifts Left

Speaker: Sekhar Sarukkai - McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist of the Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

According to Gartner, nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes. Through 2023, at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.” The spotlight is shining brightly on the intersection of DevOps and Security. Security is pushed earlier in the DevOps process so that security professionals can catch risky configurations before they become a threat in production. DevSecOps may include vulnerability assessment of images, automated checks against known bad configuration as soon as code is checked in – all well before an image is deployed. Learn how MVISION Cloud helps enterprises "Shift Left" to confidently deploy applications in the cloud with greater speed and agility.

Cloud Security - IaaS/CNAPP (Wave 1)

Introducing McAfee MVISION Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Speaker: Kaushik Narayan - CTO, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

In response to a digital transformation mandate, most organizations are leveraging the agility, elasticity, and innovation velocity of public cloud providers - either solely or in a hybrid manner. Adding to the complexity, organizations want to unleash the creativity of their developers, while still ensuring their data, workloads, and resources are safe and regulatorily compliant. MVISION CNAPP - McAfee’s recently announced Cloud Native Application Protection Platform, delivers consistent data protection, threat prevention, governance, and compliance across the entire lifecycle of cloud-native applications, workloads and data.

Digital Transformation - SASE (Wave 1)

Accelerating Your Cloud Transformation with SASE

Speaker: Anand Ramanathan - Vice President, Product Marketing, McAfee

The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework empowers organizations to securely embrace the cloud while avoiding complexity, latency, and high costs. Learn how MVISION UCE uniquely converges SWG, CASB, DLP and Remote Browser Isolation technologies to accelerate your SASE journey.

Efficient Enterprise - Endpoint/XDR (Wave 1)

Feel the Power of the X-factor: Get Ahead of the Breakout Point with XDR

Speaker: Shailaja Shankar - SVP, Endpoint Engineering, McAfee

Why do you need XDR: Today’s SOC need to have proactive warnings of threats? Instead of a passive approach that logs and forwards alerts, XDR (Extended Detection and Response) qualifies and presents actionable findings, that empower security practitioners to do more than just alerts triage. This session will go into why you need XDR to build a more efficient SOC.

Cloud Security - UCE (Wave 1)

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): Making Cloud Adoption Fast, Easy and Secure

Speaker: Suhaas Kodagali - Senior Product Manager, McAfee

Our networks are changing. For some, they’ve already transitioned to a widely distributed array of devices, physical sites, and cloud services. Most of the traffic from our devices and sites goes to the cloud, so why do we still rely on a walled garden to protect our data?

Efficient Enterprise - Endpoint/XDR (Wave 1)

Embrace the X-factor: Where to Start Your XDR Journey

Speaker: Michael Leland

Embrace the X-factor: Where to start your XDR journey - Learn how McAfee approaches XDR. Lay the foundation to start realizing the benefits of XDR capabilities. What are the pre-requisites? What integrations provide the greatest value? And what's on the Roadmap?

Cloud Security - IaaS (Wave 1)

MVISION Cloud Security for IaaS and Containers

Speaker: Dennen Monks - Senior Cloud Security Architect, McAfee

Cloud adoption is mainstream. According to Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market is forecast to grow 17% in 2020 to a total $266.4 billion, up from $227.8 billion in 2019, as enterprises consolidate their data centers to leverage the promise of the public cloud. Mistakes, mismanagement and misconfigurations make IaaS a prime target for cyberattacks.

Cloud Security - Overview (Wave 1)

How to Manage Cloud Security Risks in a "Work from Anywhere" World

Speaker: Sekhar Sarukkai - McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Amazon, Salesforce – what do all of these companies have in common? Each a large enterprise, each embracing a shift to working from home for their global employees. Others such as Twitter and Shopify have gone “Remote-First” in 2020, abandoning the central office altogether. What does this mean for cybersecurity?

Cloud Security - Overview (Wave 1)

Cloud Security Architecture for Zero Trust

Speaker: Sekhar Sarukkai - McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

Zero trust network access (ZTNA), also known as the software-defined perimeter (SDP), is a set of technologies that operates on an adaptive trust model, where trust is never implicit, and access is granted on a “need-to-know,” least-privileged basis defined by granular policies. ZTNA gives users seamless and secure connectivity to private applications without ever placing them on the network or exposing apps to the internet. Is this enough?

Cloud Security - SaaS (Wave 1)

Cloud Security on the Front Lines: Data Protection in Common Business Applications

Speaker: Dennen Monks - Senior Cloud Security Architect, McAfee

1 in 4 files in the cloud contain sensitive data. Security teams have a challenge in front of them to protect that data, as there are front, back, and side doors for your data to enter and exit the cloud. Sharing a file with a colleague or business partner can be enough to cause a breach – for example, 1 in 10 sensitive files in the cloud are shared with a link accessible by anyone in the world.

Digital Transformation - Cloud/Hybrid (Wave 1)

Transition to Cloud in a simple and secure way with McAfee’s New MVISION Device to Cloud Suites

Speaker: Pooja Kapoor - Head of Strategic Initiatives, Enterprise Product Management, McAfee

Introducing Device-to-Cloud Suites, Now available as part of McAfee’s MVISION portfolio. These newly designed suites come with the Industry’s leading proactive threat intelligence and provide security that sits side by side with your device and cloud footprint. Learn how these new suites can help you stay protected to not only help you deal with the unprecedented shift in workforce created by COVID-19 but also to continue the acceleration of your transition to the cloud with more confidence.