How Strategic your Endpoint can be ?

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On-Demand Webinar

Empower your remote workforce to safely adopt ENS 10.7 and reduce complexity and costs with cloud-native management capability. McAfee Endpoint Security integrates multiple technologies to defend against modern threats: Let’s walk you through a brief history on how antivirus technology has evolved to full endpoint security suites today by examining:

  • ENS 10.7: The benchmark for a strategic endpoint (including: roll back, story graph, fileless protection, containment, machine learning + traditional foundation requirements)
  • WFH - roaming user support
  • Strengthening security operations with core endpoint features (TIE – Sandboxing)
  • Lower MTTD/MTTR with MVISION EDR - advanced behavior monitoring with guided investigations
  • Prescriptive, proactive and predictive protection with MVISION Insights