On-Demand Webcast

Cloud Security – Things are not always what they seem

Usage of Cloud services, applications and infrastructure is growing at an ever-increasing rate….with ever-increasing benefits to businesses large and small – but unfortunately, in parallel with those benefits are the associated risks of data breaches, malware and unwanted shadow-IT. And because Cloud computing is so different to our traditional environments, our approaches towards security need to be different in order to align with the new behaviours we are seeing.

The good news is that there are still some universal rules that we can depend on: malware is always bad, certain categories of web sites are always inappropriate for business use and knowing where your data is going is essential for securing it. We just need to find new ways of implementing those old rules that work in today’s cloud environments.

That’s why this edition of McAfee’s regular webinar series will be examining how you can ensure your security approach understands content, context and user behavior as well as examining current cloud adoption and sharing key recommendations on what adaptations are required to keep your users and your business safe in the cloud.

In this webinar you will:

  • Statistics on cloud use – both opinion and reality – where is the real risk?
  • Examples of cloud security threats – even low risk cloud services can be used in risky ways
  • The key security differences between traditional and cloud computing environments
  • How to deliver that security without impacting on business productivity, flexibility and speed
  • How to make the case for a comprehensive review of your cloud security requirements
  • Why cloud security is like asking to go to a party