On-Demand Webcast

ESG conducted hands-on testing of McAfee’s next-generation SIEM solution, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. The Lab Validation report explored how the solution accurately detects advanced threats using a layered approach, the speed and effectiveness of responding to an attack, and the operational efficiencies of this integrated solution. Watch this webinar to hear Tony Palmer, a senior IT validation analyst at ESG, and Richard Hart, an enterprise technical specialist at McAfee, discuss the ESG Lab Validation results and McAfee’s security operations solutions for addressing comprehensive threat detection and remediation.

Featured Speakers

Tony Palmer,
Senior IT Validation Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

Tony provides third-party testing and analysis of IT services and solutions. Prior to ESG, he worked in pre-sales and technical marketing roles at networking, systems, and storage vendors including EMC and HP.

Richard Hart,
Enterprise Technical Specialist

Richard is responsible for McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee Behavioral Analytics products. Prior to working at McAfee, Richard worked in professional services for NitroSecurity and networking and security for several higher education institutions.